Plot ideas for a play.?

me and my friends want to make a musical. there's three of us (girls) (we are 14) and we want to film it at my cottage. it doesn't have to be about a cottage, it just hast to go with a cottage setting. or any ideas for songs that we could include?


We are filming it so we can change settings and stuff :)

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  • 9 years ago
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    You could set it in old times when people wore fancy hats and dresses,and the cottage could be like a church thing and you and your friends meet(You girls could be southern)!As for song ideas you could do a ton of things,but you have to be a good songwriter.Base it on your play,start by writing your play then go back and add the music!Hope I helped!:)

    Source(s): Experience in acting and singing and broadway musicals.
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