How can I create a BOT to help me search for online info?

Pls need help on how to create a bot to help me surf online for info (eg. info like articles, news updates, etc) and direct/downloads all results to my email box for me to retrieve and use. I don't need malicious codes that will harm computers or traffic just a bot that will help me save time of searching online for hours. thanks in advance. NB: i know almost nothing about programming, just some lines of Q-Basic. Detailed Tutorials and help would be appreciated.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago
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    Theres a program called "Remote anything" which can synchronize hundreds Windows computers so they all do whatever you tell it to, all at the same time. Or you can have a multi-processor motherboard. This distributes the processing speed evenly between each processor, and makes it go faster. Thats all a super computer is. Or you can use distributed processing program on many different computers all over the Internet. Thats called, "cloud computing."

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  • boudah
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    4 years ago

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