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Can Horses Have Lettuce to Eat?

Can lettuce cause problems for a mini that is in good health?

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    I feed all 6 of my horses lettuce. They were just fine. I didn't feed them a lot though. So just be careful so you don't feed them to much. Lettuce is like grass, hay, and carrots that you feed you horse. Mini Horses are only a smaller version of a horse. So anything a horse will eat will be fine for a Mini. Hope that you Mini likes the lettuce.

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    It depends on how much you give it.

    A few leaves are good for it, and are a healthy treat for them.

    Any more than a head or two of something like Romaine, Simpson, Oak Leaf or Red Sails(various leaf lettuces) can cause a bit of diarrhea. Nothing major, but just... an inconvenience.

    It's the same with any vegetable--carrots, mustard, turnips, etc.

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    Lettuce has very little nutritional value, and taste. Lettuce is fine to feed horses but it really doesn't do anything. Whenever I feed treats to my horses I make sure that they are getting the nutrition they need at the same time.

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    lettuce is fine.

    if you want to see a list of poisonous plants just click the link

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  • 10 years ago

    I feed my mare lettuce all the time and it hasn't hurt her.

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    Not really, Its a veggie like carrots, There good for horses. just don't feed it too much all the time.

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    No not if its health is okay

    please answer mine


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