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What would you name septuplets if...?

What would you name septuplets (seven) if....

~They all had to be god or goddess names (ex.Artemis)

~They all had to be old fashioned names

~They all had to be common names

~They all had to be nature names

~They all had to be harry potter character names

~They had to be virtue names


~They had to have your favourite first names and your most hated middle names

You can choose whichever genders you want, have fun!!

Star if you like or want me to make more like this :)


@Joelie :) -- Well aparently, you have nothing better to do than be rude to other people :) If your going to be like that don't answer the question and find another way to spend you time, thanks

Update 2:

@Joelie :) -- Well aparently, you have nothing better to do than be rude to other people :) If your going to be like that don't answer the question and find another way to spend you time, thanks

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    Mars Evander

    Victoria Juno

    Lucina Minerva "Lux"

    Janus Ares

    Astraea Calliope "Astra"

    Ariadne Athena "Aria"

    Delia Chloe

    Old Fashioned:

    Frederic Daniel "Freddy"

    Theodore James "Theo"

    William Charles "Will"

    Honor Mathilda "Nora"

    Cordelia Jane "Delia"

    Philippa Katherine "Pippa"

    Rose Victoria


    Ethan Michael

    Lily Sophia

    Isabella Mia "Isa"

    Abigail Chloe

    Anthony William "Tony"

    Samuel John "Sam"

    Claire Taylor


    Magnolia Pearl "Maggie"

    Amethyst Violet "Amy"

    Jasper Cliff

    Brook Forest

    Iris Artemesia

    Wisteria Solstice

    Camellia Daisy "Milla"

    Harry Potter:

    Seamus Dexter

    Alastor Zacharias

    Astoria Millicent

    Eleanor Maisie "Nora"

    Penelope Ginevra "Penny"

    Crispin Albus

    Gideon Cedric


    Serenity Joy "Seren"

    Amity Hope "Amy"

    Verity Faith "Vera"

    Temperance Ever "Emme"

    Constance Mercy "Connie"

    Blythe Adora

    Honor True "Nora"


    Gibson Riley

    Marshall Christian "Mars"

    Leonidas Braydon "Leo"

    Rosalie Madison "Rose"

    Cordelia Brooklyn "Cora"

    Penelope Nevaeh "Penny"

    Virginia Peyton "Ginger"

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  • Ashwee
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    9 years ago

    Athena, Juno, Ceres, Vulcan, Apollo, Artemis, Vesta.

    Belle, Lucinda, Chester, Frederick, Hector, Martin, Oliver.

    Jacob, Michael, Thomas, Anthony, Sarah, Chloe, Emily.

    Lily, Acacia, Ivy, Ash, Drake, Sky, Shade.

    Katie, Cedric, Viktor, Luna, James, Charlie, George.

    Faith, Grace, Serenity, Concord, Truth, Felicity, Prudence.

    Jeremy Stephen, Crystal Ann, Ringo David, Claire Marie, Eric John, Jacob Alexander, Charles Scott.

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  • 9 years ago

    Oh fun!

    - God and Goddess Names -

    Artemis, Erra, Adonis, Venus, Iris, Selene, Elli

    - Old Fashioned Names -

    James, Lewis, Davis, Charlotte, Caroline, Emily, Anne

    - Common Names -

    Jacob, Aiden, Ethan, Ava, Emma, Olivia, Isabella

    - Nature Names -

    Reed, Oakley, Lake, Lilly, Rose, Wren, Luna

    - Harry Potter Names - (YES!)

    Orian, Dean, James, Hermione, Alice, Rose, Eloise

    - Virtue Names -

    Truth, Chance, Wisdom, Serenity, Hope, Trinity, Faith

    - Easton Chuck, Reed Albert, Owen Harold, Emma Agatha, Charlotte Agnes, Elaine Helga

    This was SO fun! Had a blast! God Bless! xx

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  • Kendra
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    9 years ago

    1) Athena Scarlett, Aphrodite Juliet, Hera Ruby, Eros Reid, Hermes Liam, Poseidon James, and Zeus Robert.

    2) Arabella Ruth, Clara Edith, Elspeth Isadora, Leona Maeve, Edwin Tobias, Ira Niles, and Jasper Ezra.

    3) Mary Elizabeth, Patricia Rose, Linda Marie, James Andrew, John Gerald, Michael Jason and Charles Anthony.

    4) Azalea Lily, Fern Poppy, Ivy Primrose, Lilac Juniper, Ash Badger, Basil West, and River Fox.

    5) Elladora Lavander, Hannah Beatrix, Violetta Millicent, Avery Randolph, Bradley Owen, Edgar Harry, and Sirius Bole

    6) Faith Anastasia, Honor Renee, Justice Alexandra, Serenity Claire, Creed Alexander, Merit Ezra, and Valiant Ross.

    Favorite names:


    Evelina, Mila, Violet, Evangeline, Ruby, Seraphina, Eloise, Juliet, Eve, Isla, and Madeleine.


    Ezra, Blake, Nathaniel, Wyatt, Reid, Sebastian, Avery, Christian, Elliot, and Jack.

    Least favorite middle names:


    Marie, Ann, Rose, Ashley, Joy, and Nicole (unless they are family names).


    John, James, Alexander, Mark, and Kevin.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Athena Faith, Chloe Sophia, Thea Annelise, Luna Stephanie and Maia Annabelle

    Sarah Vienna, Annabelle Lily, Emily Faith, Marie Angelina, Sophie Isabella and Molly Annelise.

    Sophia Lily, Isabella Madeline, Ava Savannah, Emma Angelina, Katie Annelise and Natalie Faith

    Lily Angelina, Rosabelle Hannah, Holly Maria, Summer Catalina, Jade Athena and Savannah Natalie

    Hannah Annelise, Katie Tatiana, Molly Angelina, Emma Sophia, Lily Annabelle and Natalie Jane

    Hope, Liberty, Faith, Joy, Grace and Felicity "Hope, Libby, Faith, Gracie, Felicity"

    Maria, Annabelle, Sarah, Joshua, Isaiah, and Evan. "Marie, Anna, Sarah, Josh, Isaiah and Evan"

    I really don't have any hated middle names.


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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    ~Hades, Artemis, Apollo, Zeus, Poseidon, Athena & Hera

    ~Leslie (m), Ruth, MaryAnn, Robert, Jonathan, William & Joseph

    ~Jacob, Isabella, Ethan, Emma, Michael, Olivia & Alexander

    ~Oak, Granite, Aspen, Rose, Lily, Skye & River (b,b,g,g,g,g,b)

    ~Harry, Ron, Hermione, Fred, George, Lavender & Hannah

    ~Grace, Joy, Hope, Faith, Love, Honour(b) and Destiny

    ~Jakob Bentley, Madyson Nevaeh, Aliana Millicent, Nathaniel Paul, Zachary Quinitin, Dmitri Peyton (as a middle) and Aspen MaryAnn

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  • 9 years ago

    I understand now!!

    Athena, Hera, Nike, Demeter, Apollo, Zeus, Hestia

    Eleanor (Ellie), Ezra, Griffin, Annabelle, Lance, Clara, Laurence

    James, Charlie, Matthew, Mark, Meg, Jordan, Katherine

    Ocean(boy), Forrest(boy), River(girl), Sky(girl), Summar(girl), Canyon (boy), Cedar (boy)

    George, Harry, Ginny, Cho, Hermione, Cedric, Katie

    Charity (girl), Faith (girl), Grace (girl), Honor (guy), True (girl), Mercy (girl), Virtue (girl)

    Ari Case, Kaylee Beatrice, Emlii Emmersyn <= my friends little sister is Eimmorsyn (Eh-mor-son). WORST NAME EVER!, Brody Stockton, Dustin Marius, Summer Mae, Trevor Mack

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I don't think it's possible for them all to have all of those things in their names

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  • 9 years ago

    apparently in canada you have nothing better to do...

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