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Microsoft Access 2007 Search Form?

I have created a search form for a variety of options on a home.

Siding Colour

Window Type

Door Type

Exterior Brick Colour

The customer wants to search form to produce a report based on her search.

I'm having trouble

- Getting the drop down list from each field for this table.

- My query states that it's too complex.

Basically, if she types in that she wants to find a home who's Siding Colour is Sandstone and Window Type is Bay - I want to print a report that gives me these addresses.

Anyone out there able to help me out?

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    For simple reports, it's easier to use their Filter property, which works exactly like 'Where'. Forms have that property too.

    In your form, try using unbound listbox (for multiple selections) or combobox, and a function that process combine all selected values "(field1 = 'x' OR field1='y') AND field2=2".

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    relies upon which field you're attempting to seek on and whether that's a key field or appropriate to a minimum of one. the foremost factor with get admission to is which you won't be able to do what you assume and not utilising a question, whether the created question is simplistic. So create a question and then try your seek utilising the question quite than a field on the form.

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