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Anonymous asked in Science & MathematicsPhysics · 1 decade ago

can anyone help me with this physics problem?

i am having a lot of trouble with this type of problem. thanks to anyone who is able to help. i will choose Best Answer.

Calculate the ratio of the magnitude of the gravitational force between a 3.200- kg mass on the surface of the earth due to the sun to that due to the moon. The mass of the sun is 1.99e+30kg and the distance from the center of the sun to the surface of the earth is 1.50e+08km

can anyone show me the steps and correct answer?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Let m = mass of the object

    Ms = sun's mass

    Mm = moon's mass

    rs = distance of the mass from the sun

    rm = distance of the mass from the moon

    Fs = force by the sun,

    Fm = force by the moon

    Fs = G Ms m/rs^2

    Fm = G Mm m/rm^2

    Fs/Fm = (Ms/Mm) * (rm/rs)^2

    Putting Ms = 1.99 * 10^30 kg, Mm = 7.35 * 10^22 kg

    rs = 1.50 * 10^8 km, rm = 4.07 * 10^5 km,

    Fs/Fm = 199.33

    Ans: 199.33 : 1

    It is approximately 200:1

    (Does the question give the value of moon's mass and the distance of moon's center from Earth's surface?)

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