Gdi vs infinity downline vs?

Has anyone tried more then one of these sites? Which others are available, which one have you made the most money at?

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  • 10 years ago
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    Infinity Downline is an educational platform. Anyone who joins gets access to training videos on a number of topics. I am not a member, but looking at their product page it ranges from how to use windows to how to make a website. You can make an income from people that join the program under you who are interested in their information and education products. It appears as though, as a member, you have access to all of their training. The monthly dues are $25 a month.

    Global Domains International, Inc. (or GDI) is a web hosting company that provides people with a domain name, various web hosting options (like WordPress, PHP Forums, FTP, etc...), personalized emails, and so forth. You make an income from commissions generated when someone renews their web hosting package which is $10 a month.

    Both provide residual income, but with Infinity downline you earn an income only on direct referrals (more on this in a moment) and with GDI you earn income on 5 levels of referrals.

    With Infinity downline each 2nd and 4th person you introduce to the program get passed up to your sponsor. The same happens with people directly under you.

    The main difference is the type of product and service that the companies provide. One is educational in nature, the other is for a web identity package. Both offer residual income, and I cannot comment on which has the most potential because it completely depends on you.

    Meaning, it doesn't matter which company you partner with. As long as the company provides a product and/or service that people need or want. What really matters is what you do. How much work you put into it. How willing you are to obtain new skill sets (like learning how to target the appropriate group of people for the companies products and services). How easy it is to get help from your sponsors and how willing you are to find help if you cannot get it from there.

    Companies and businesses don't matter (again, provided they offer a real product and/or service that people need or want and offer a fair compensation plan). What matters is what you do with that company. No company can bring an income or success. Only you.

    Source(s): If you want to learn a bit more about marketing here is my GDI training page -
  • Infinity Downline is a pure and simple pyramid scheme where you make direct payments to the person that recruited you with the intention of gaining the privilege to do the same. To remain legal they offer low value, out of date, and Master Resale Rights content to provide the cover for the cash gifting pyramid scheme.

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