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what is the united states?

what purpose is it serving right now in the world?

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    It is a country neighbouring Canada. The United States is a very powerful country. That doesn't mean it is good. There are things the US can improve though. I'm not going to rant and give you a list but I found a list of why the US is so powerful.

    1. The USA was geographically gifted. It sits in the temperate zone of the Northern Hemisphere and thus has millions of acres of easily arable lands. Originally, wealth was built on agriculture, and the USA had more farmland than any other country in the New World (and far more than any country in Europe).

    2. The USA was geologically gifted. Abundant raw materials such as coal, iron ore and petrolium made the creation of a native and self sufficient industrial base possible.

    3. The USA was politically gifted. The establishment of a stable constitutional order cannot be over-emphasized. Because the US had a stable democratic regime, it became a very attractive haven for foreign (particularly British) investments. Many people don't know this, but at the turn of the 20th century, British investors owned close to one-third of the American economy. They didn't make these sizable investments for sympathy's sake -- they saw a land where profit could be made, and they jumped at the chance. This foreign investment made possible by a stable, democratic, and law-based system of government made the flow of capital possible. And the flow of investment capital made the building of America possible.

    4. The USA was philosophically gifted. The "Idea" of America was always "Freedom." Thus America created the necessary social conditions for economic growth. People, left to their own devices saw that personal enterprise was the way to progress, and so they worked hard to build a future for themselves. By liberating the creative potential of the people -- America was soon awash in invention and entrepreneurial zeal from all sectors of society.

    5. America was culturally gifted. Because of all the above factors, America became the land of opportunity for the world. Immigrants from all over the globe flocked to America by the millions for a new start. They brought with them their hopes, their dreams, their zeal, their passions, and their committment to hard work and industry. These people knew that they would be on their own when they reached America, so they came prepared to sweat -- and sweat they did. But it was sweat that helped to propel the USA into superpower status.

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    The United States is a world Power , a great nation! IN the age of country's, we still are a baby, but our concept for our nation was a new one when it was started. have we made mistakes, Yes we have but somehow we always seem to overcome them and smelling like Roses. Other nations , 1000 of years older then we are still have not got it RIGHT!

    We are having financial difficulty's , right now and the people in power seem to be making it worse! However we have the golden rule that will see us through, No 1 is the constitution and the 2nd is In God We Trust. WE may owe other countries money, but we are still great!

    I wonder how many countries owed us money throughout the years and NEVER paid us back?

    We will survive and be GREAT through out it ALL! We will survive the present government now in office and win over those who would have us go down the drain.

    Our Flag, Long may she wave, over the land of the FREE and the home of the BRAVE!

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    You should do some research on how much financial aid (hand outs) the United States give out to other countries of the world. On a different view, without the United States there would be no other country to be hated by the radical extremist Muslims.

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    country, using fact I stay in England, and its quite depressing. sooner or later i could prefer to stay in u.s., or Australia. California could be cool adequate for me, i could stay interior although using fact my pals say its quite warm there. Its like i've got been residing right here too long, and that i'm ill of seeing the standard crap.

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    the united states is a world power but only bc we threaten others smaller we are in debt to most countries and are slowly decaying into nothing

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    Hmmm... we are a world power for starters.

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    ....when-ever (anyone) around the world gets in trouble... who do "they" call...?

    America... saving the World since 1917 ! (and) all we've ever asked in return was enough "ground" to bury our DEAD !

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    Canada's big brother.

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    Well, for one thing, we're billions of dollars in debt if that gives you any perspective...

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