Should get I get bangs?

I have long (far past my shoulders), curly/ ringlety / wavy hair.

My face is long and oval.

I want to switch up my look and I was thinking of getting straight across bangs.

Would they look ok?

Should I get heavy or less layered bangs like..........

Should they be longer or shorter??

Thanks :)

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  • 10 years ago
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    ya! go for it! if they dont look good, you can always use a clip and clip them back or to the side! but if your hair is curly even at the top, like where you'd have the bangs at, dont do it. there's nothing worse then curly straight across bangs. blea.

    but, anywho! good luck! i'm sure they'll look great :)

    Source(s): uhm, i have internet acsess and i know what looks like crap? why does this keep askign what my source was?!?! ME!! I WAS MY OWN SOURCE! .... poo. -_-
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