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Shelly asked in PetsBirds · 10 years ago

Can any one tell me what this is?

I adopted a B&G Macaw he came with his Toys cage and food. Now i got this perch like thing with him Im not sure what it is Iv only been around Parrots for the past 8 years and have no idea what this is. The Macaw is 20 years old this month. I don't want to be giving the bird something I have no idea what it is. it seems to be made out of a soft wood and in side the holes is a clay like substance I'm thinking its something like what the clay licks parrots go to in the wild. any one out there have had these?

and if you have had these before what is the best way of washing it?

here are pictures


there is Clay in the holes was not sure at first but when i tried to wash it the clay started to smear out.

Update 2:

Here is a picture of the end all the bumpy stuff is clay.

Update 3:

dose any one know how to clean it? or if its alright to give to my bird or other birds as some times my conures will go in to his cage.

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  • Goldy
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    10 years ago
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    As brucemock stated the type of wood it is , the Clay substance could be Kaolin, this is what Macaws take in when living in the wild as in the wild they eat various poisonous plants and fruit and Kaolin is an antidote.

    Not that I am aware that they need it in captivity.

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  • 10 years ago

    It's cholla wood (the double "l" is pronounced as a "y"). The wood is fine, but I don't know what the clay-like substance is. It could be something good for them put in there deliberately (see second link), or it could just be dirt.


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