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should CANADA have Nuclear Weapons?

with the US on the decline would Canada ever pursue their own arsenal, even a small one to act as a deterrent?

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    Canada is a de facto nuclear power already, meaning it already has the technology, resources, extertise, and money to begin manufacturing nuclear weapons in a very short time frame, if the political will was there to do so. Having, barring a MAJOR change in global circumatances, it's very unlikely to have any NEED to do so.

    On a related note, not many people know that Canada had a joint nuclear programme with the British BEFORE the Manhatten Project was established. When Manhatten was being put together, the US persuaded them (and the British) to amalgamate both projects into one, with the promise of shared results afterwards. However, it didn't pan out that way: after the attacks on Japan, the US reneged on it's end of the deal, prompting the British to begin another independent program, which remained so until after several British fusion bombs had been tested. After that, co-operation began again, although it wavered yet again when Britain later twarted US efforts to prevent France developing atomic weapons by selling nuclear material to them. Once France had tested a weapon, co-operation resumed again, and remains fairly active even today. In the meanwhile, Canada decided not to pursue nuclear weapons itself, though it did later host some US weapons for a time.

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    We could have them, easily, but decided many years ago not to. 60 years later, the world likes us; we have no real enemies, and a small, but incredibly tough and fierce military. Anyone who has messed with Canada soon learned not to. Just ask the Serbs, Bosnians, Croatians, and the Taliban!

    The US is not really on the decline militarily, and besides, while we co-operate with them, we are responsible for protecting ourselves anyway. So far, we are doing fine, except perhaps in the North, and the current government is taking steps to fix that too.

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    We did have nuclear weapons.

    The US stationed nuclear weapons on Canadian soil during the cold war, and the Canadian Forces had release authority for some of the warheads (genie missiles).

    The Canadian Army also maintained tactical nukes in Germany in the 1960s.

    Canada will not pursue an arsenal in the future though, it would be vastly expensive and with our military alliances it would just be a doubling of efforts. (Several of our allies have nukes, US, UK, France, Israel)

    Canada has also been a proponent of nuclear disarmament for decades, so I can't see us reversing our stance on the issue.

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    I suppose if Canada felt it was under threat of attack, it would be reasonable.

    Who would be threatening them? The Guatemalans?

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    its there country they can carry there own weapons

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    they should not have that tecnollgy

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    NO!!!!! With their C.I.C., they would blow themselves up!!!!!!!!!

    Source(s): MILITARY KNOWLEDGE!!!!!!!!!
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