Criticise my 5th Gen Poketeam Please?

I could really use some constructive criticism for this team. Right now, I really notice the need for a lead.

I need any and all constructive criticism.



Shed Skin-Careful-Leftovers


-Drain Punch

-Bulk Up




Flame Body-Timid-Life Orb

-Quiver Dance

-Firery Dance

-HP Ice

-Bug Buzz



Steel Thorns-Careful-Rugged Helmet

-Thunder Wave


-Leech Seed




Sand Rush-Adamant-Leftovers


-Rapid Spin

-Rock Slide

-Swords Dance



Magic Guard-Modest-Life Orb


-Shadow Ball

-Trick Room






-Hydro Pump

-HP Fire

-Pain Split



While I appreciate your comments, it's clear that you don't know much about competitive battling. I use the term 5th gen, to describe the metagame environment, not the pokemon I use. Rapid spin on Doryuuzu/Excadrill is to get rid of entry hazards such as spikes and stealth rocks (something my Volcarona could benefit from).

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  • 9 years ago
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    Well since its fifth gen. pokemon, rotom shouldn't be on there. Aside from that, from the top:

    Scrafty: You have a great set up for him and to be honest, it looks really good. The only thing to say is if using rest, make him hold a chesto berry so that when he uses rest to fully heal, he'll wake up immediately after wards.

    Volcanora: Very good ev's your giving it and a very nice move set. Nothing wrong here.

    Ferrothorn: Again another good one with a few faults. I believe instead of spikes you have gyro ball since that attack combined with leech seed, thunder wave and substitute will F*** people up!! Although its totally up to you.

    Exadrill: This pokemon you chose is close to a godlike pokemon with the exeption of rapid spin. your other three moves are exellent but instead of rapid spin (it totally sucks with the exeption of getting out of moves like wrap and fire spin -_-) choose a move like brick break. With brick break, earthquake, and rock slide, you'll be good against 10 TYPES. Yea Freakin awesome right.

    Reuniclus: A great psychic pokemon but slow. Thankfully, you added trick room and then gave it a great move set but personally, instead of shadow ball, i would get focus blast. Even though it has 70 accuracy and has 5 pp, your good against 5 types with it as apposed to 2 and one of the types is dark. This is totally up to you but i strongly recommend getting focus blast.

    For your 6th pokemon there are a bunch of them and ill give you the link to find the one you want since rotom is a 4th gen pokemon.

    Hope this helps!!!

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