Question to Christians on Catholicism and fundamentalism?

Has any of you ever felt that fundamentalists (or at least some or most fundamentalists) are less Christian than the Catholics?

I think that "christians" who say Catholics are not Christians are the ones who are not Christian. Catholics may disagree with us but they do not deny that we are Christians. I also did some research about Catholicism and I am convinced that they are Christians.

I am nondenominational but do not consider myself fundamentalist.

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    Yes, the fundies are all about hate.

    I have noticed that fundie Christians hate:

    ATHEISTS - "They are unhappy people that have been brainwashed into an angry pseudo-religion." - fundie who is, indeed, the brainwashed one

    "Just a foretaste of how badly they'll be treated in hell. In that perspective, treating atheists badly can be viewed as a round-about approach to evangelism." - more Christian love

    "Because atheists are uneducated northern scum who don't understand the bible is truth." - ignorant fundie hater

    "Similar to the gay lifestyle... but with more abortions." - Christian love explaining what an atheists life is like.

    "Those who don't believe should stop breathing the air he gives them.Stop eating the food he provides.He lets their heart beat. Nothing would exist without God. "

    HOMOSEXUALS - "Because homosexuals are sinful, disease ridden sexual terrorists." - hate filled fundie

    "Because gays are the scum of the earth. They will all be sent to burn in hell." - Ignorant fundie bigot

    AGNOSTICS - "Agnostic comes from the word "ignorant" which means they dont know if there is a God or not." - fundie

    "You will be sent to hell, if you are agnostic." - fundie who proves he believes out of fear.

    BUDDHISTS - "going to hell" - DUMB FUNDIE ANSWER TO THE QUESTION: What might someone gain from being a buddhist?

    MUSLIM- "Islam rejects this truth, so obviously Islam has a different and fake "god" that cannot save anyone. Islam leads to eternal torment in hell." - More fundie hate

    HINDU- [Don't you know that Gandhi is in hell!]

    CATHOLICS - "Also keep in mind that Satan does great damage to Christianity through Catholicism. Therefor their are dark spiritual generals in high places watching over the preservation of this corrupt religion." - fundie

    "When you go into a "church", and there aren't ANY Bibles in the pew, and you can literally see demons swirling, and laughing in the rafters, not much Holy Spirit movement going on there!" - paranoid fundie voicing his warped opinion of the catholic church.

    JEWS - "As for Jews, they do not accept Jesus is the Son of God, therefore they also reject His Father ("He who rejects me [Jesus] rejects the One who sent me"). So those who call themselves Jews (usually) don't worship the same God as Christians, although true Jews do accept Jesus, and therefore do worship the same God as Christians." - Fundie who is not aware that Messianic Jews are liars.

    JEHOVAH WITNESSES - "Jehovah's Witness" (JW) is not Christian. JW leads to eternal torment in hell." - the fundie Chris's answer, who goes by the name David now.

    MORMONS- "Mormons are not Christians. Mormons reject the truth that Jesus is God, and that salvation is only by faith alone in Jesus without works. Mormonism leads to hell." - more fundie hate

    SCIENTISTS - "Science has yet to disprove anything that God has said in His Word. If science says anything different, you'd best question the scientist that said it. God's word is truth. Scientists lie." = fundie

    THE PRESIDENT - "Obama is just another puppet on satan's strings!" - uneducated fundie

    TEACHERS - "Stanford and Harvard are bastions of evolutionary brainwashing" - home schooled fundie

    DEMOCRATS - "But at least we can take solace in the knowledge that Teddy is roasting in hell now." - more fundie "love"

    LIBERALS - "Why Does The Liberal Media Have Such A Strong Bias Against Those Of Us With Good Christian Values?" - deluded fundie whineing about persecution.

    THE HANDICAPPED - 'God will fix your leg if you pray nightly!" [Fundies think the handicapped don't pray enough.]

    IMMIGRANTS - "U.S. Citizens should not have to provide health care for legal or illegal immigrants. " - fundie charity

    THE POOR - "Hate to say it but poverty is a result of bad character. I know that for a fact. So you might as well get to the source of the problem." the fundie, Mare, is responsible for this jewel.

    PAGANS - "Paganism is in direct opposition to what Jesus Christ stands for; God and the Devil are complete opposites:" - Fundie comparing Paganism to the devil.

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    We all worship the same God regardless of our denomination - I think that there are so many different ways to worship because there are so many different people in the world - some ways of worship suit some people while others suit others - I think God cares more that we live a Christian lifestyle than how we choose to worship Him - as long as religion is not being used as a cover for another agenda then I really don't think that I have any right to criticise any other church xxx

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    I escaped from catholicism when I was a young man. I'm a generic Christian now, with no affiliation with an organized church.

    Yes, catholics are basically Christians, but it's very difficult for them to live Godly lives, because real Christian teaching is smothered in layers of errors. Their central "authorities" are more interested in controlling other people than they are in fostering Godliness in other people.

    I'm praying for you.

  • 1 decade ago

    I think there are a lot of Christians out there that really dont have a good grasp on the purpose and concept of the atonement based on their beliefs and how they actually live their lives, but that isn't up to me to judge. That will be btwn them and the Lord.

    Anyone that believes that Jesus is their Savior and that thru the atonement we can live with our Heavenly Father again is a Christian and nobody has any right or authority to say otherwise.

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  • 4 years ago

    no person. Hate isn't of God. it fairly is of Jesus. Jesus hates sinners who sin. So he died, you be attentive to...for YOU so as which you do no longer ought to burn in hell. He died so as which you will desire to circulate to heaven. He suffered which you will desire to no longer. Then he rose returned because of the fact he can. So all he did via death became in ineffective. because of the fact in the top, he did no longer fairly go through. He got here back to life and grew to grow to be a God.

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    1 decade ago

    Do you know what fundamentalism is?

    And by what mushy standard are you judging this

    A fundamentalist believes in the inherrancy if the bible as God's word. And that He says what He means and means what He says. Define for me how that is "unchristian" and we will talk

  • LV426
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    1 decade ago

    " Catholics may disagree with us but they do not deny that we are Christians. "

    They don't? They certainly don't hold out hope for our salvation.

    Some of us are not baptized and we've never gone to confession. Last I checked, that's not a good start.

  • 1 decade ago

    As a christian, I do not think that catholicism is christianity. The Catholic Church added stuff to God's work which God does not want us to do.

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