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searching ancestry of the Miller family?

Anyone know of the Miller ancestry of Red Head Cove or possible Jobes Cove Newfoundland. Canada.

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    Yes, surely someone knows about your Miller family... but they probably aren't going to see your question here. You need to post your qusetion someplace where they're more likely to see it. There are message boards specifically for genealogists who are researching certain surnames, or researching families in certain locations. You can post questions about your family, and/or search through the other posts to see if anyone else is looking for your ancestors. Here are a few:

    Miller Family Genealogy Forum at GenForum

    Miller Surname Board at Ancestry

    Newfoundland Genealogy Forum at GenForum

    Conception Bay North, Newfoundland Board at Ancestry

    Hint: The more detailed your post (and the subject heading), the better your chance of getting a reply. An example of a good query:

    Subject: Miller Family of Red Head Cove or Job's Cove

    Question: Looking for the ancestors of John F. Miller of Red Head Cove, born circa 1898 and died in 1942. He and his wife Lucinda had four children: Mary, William, Frank James and Paulina.

    You can also search for records about your Miller family on the Newfoundland CanadaGenWeb site. Red Head Cove and Job's Cove are in the Conception Bay North region, so follow the links to that region:

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    thats pretty random i dont think your gonna find that. the odds are against you finding people who know the miller family on yahoo but good luck.

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