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What are the visual differences between the falcon 900LX and 7X?

I realize the 7x is much larger, nearly 20 feet in wingspan, but they appear to be proportional to each other and the size isn't always apparent if there is no reference to their size. The wingscreen is different, with the 7X having a wrap around style.

Other than that, what visual cues differentiate these two?


I'm aware of the size and window differences. Are there any other visual differences that help differenciate the two. And I asked specifically about the 900LX because that is the model of the 900 with winglets from the factory.

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    Ok, to quickly identify the difference between them as you are walking up to one and you cant readily see the size difference, look at the cockpit windows... the 900LX has 7 cockpit windows and the 7x has only 4.

    Pretty simple

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