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Please rate my top 10 boys names :)?

(First of all,I'm not pregnant, I just love names)

1)Damian Lucas

2)Jonathan Avery

3)Lucas Arthur

4)Nicholas Henry

5)Gregory Maddox

6)Nathaniel Colby

7)Quinn Marshall

8)Tristan Joel

9)Leander Yvon/

10)Sheldon Thomas

Thank you for your time. the most detailed answer gets BA :)

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    1) Damian, I am not mad about it but I LOVE lucas :D

    2) Jonathan Avery is an amazing name! It sounds like something from a fairytale.

    3) You know I like Lucas, and Arthur is really sweet as well.

    4) I think the name Nicholas is over used but Henry is one of my favourite boys names :)

    5) I like Gregory and have never heard the name Maddox before. They sound really good together though.

    6) Nathaniel is lovely but Colby is a bit weird...

    7) Quinn, I like. Marshall I don't but I think they sound really good together :)

    8) Tristian Joel. I don't like either...sorry :(

    9) Leander, I like :) I have also never heard it before. Yvon? Ummm...I don't know...

    10) Sheldon, I don't like but I love the name thomas.

    Sorry, I feel like I have put down loads of your ideas...

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    Damian Lucas - 7

    Jonathan Avery - 4

    Lucas Arthur - 7

    Nicholas Henry - 4

    Gregory Maddox - 4

    Nathaniel Colby - 7

    Quinn Marshall - 4

    Tristan Joel - 7

    Leander Yvon - 4

    Sheldon Thomas - 4

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    1 decade ago

    1)Damian Lucas um I give it a 4

    2)Jonathan Avery I think... 7

    3)Lucas Arthur 4

    4)Nicholas Henry NO! THIS GETS A 0

    5)Gregory Maddox um I think maybe 5

    6)Nathaniel Colby 10

    7)Quinn Marshall 4

    8)Tristan Joel 9

    9)Leander Yvon between 8 and 10

    10)Sheldon Thomas 10!!!!!!

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    First would be Damian Lucas, because it has a gorgeous ring to it. Next, Nathanial Colby then Gregory Maddox then Jonathan Avery, then Tristan Joel then Lucas Arthur and then Quinn Marshall.

    I'm not a huge fan of Sheldon Thomas or Nicholas Henry, 'cause they both sound like two ordinary names being thrown together randomly. I like the name Leander, but not Yvon.

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    1)Damian Lucas-Love it! 10/10

    2)Jonathan Avery-It's Ok... 6/10

    3)Lucas Arthur-Too...Normal 8/10

    4)Nicholas Henry- 3/10

    5)Gregory Maddox-Maddox? 3/10

    6)Nathaniel Colby- 8/10

    7)Quinn Marshall-3/10

    8)Tristan Joel-Wow... 10/10

    9)Leander Yvon- 3/10

    10)Sheldon Thomas- 8/10

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    1 decade ago

    I like Sheldon Thomas the best that is so cute! that would be my number one choice

    number 2 would be Lucas Arthur

    three would be Tristian Joel

    four would be Nicholas Henry

    five would be Gregory Maddox Damian Lucas

    six would be Quinn Marhsall

    seven would be Nathaniel Colby

    eight would be Jonathan Avery

    nine would be Damian Lucas

    ten would be Leander Yvon

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    1)Damian Lucas it's okay not too fond on damian

    2)Jonathan Avery I like it, chic looking kind of name

    3)Lucas Arthur I love the name Lucas but not Arthur

    4)Nicholas Henry I love this it has a

    Classic feel to it

    5)Gregory Maddox different and unique

    6)Nathaniel Colby this is a cool name

    7)Quinn Marshall this is not my style and

    A bit weird

    8)Tristan Joel nice combo

    9)Leander Yvon/. Noo

    10)Sheldon Thomas. Noo

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    1 decade ago

    1). Damian Lucas and i think Damian goes good with it.

    2). Jonathan Avery---7...Not a HUGE fan on Jonathan, and i think it is a little popular. Avery is VERY cute. dont know too many people with that name. so very cute!

    3). Lucas Arthur----5...Lucas...very cute...Arthur...YUCK! i dont really like that name. its just old fashioned and i can not picture a kid being named that.

    4). Nicholas Henry--2....dont care for either name.

    5). Gregory Maddox---9...Really like Maddox!! Very cute! Gregory is ok. I prefer Greg. but very cute!!

    6). Nathaniel Colby---7...I like Nathaniel (Nathan) very popular name and cute. I feel sorry for a child called that people would make fun of the name from the Colby Cheese. (yum)

    7). Quinn Marshall---9...I though Quinn was a girls name? Marshall is a boy names? Confused but cute!

    8). Tristan Joel---10...LOVE the name Tristan and Joel!! Veryy cute!! If you get prego use this (:

    9). Leander Yvon----6...Leander? Never heard of it but it is very cute i like it. and Yvon idk how to pronouce it (: lol

    10). Sheldon Thomas---7...not bad. Sheldon is unique and diferent and goes good with thomas!!

    good luck!

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    1 decade ago

    1)Damian Lucas --Love

    2)Jonathan Avery --common yet unique

    3)Lucas Arthur --Yes! Arthur maybe not though..

    4)Nicholas Henry --yes, common yet classy

    5)Gregory Maddox --Yes hands down the best

    6)Nathaniel Colby --Nathanial reminds me of horses

    7)Quinn Marshall -- Quinn is a little girly

    8)Tristan Joel -I like this a lot

    9)Leander Yvon - what is this?

    10)Sheldon Thomas - Sheldon reminds me of turtles, just no.

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    1 decade ago

    I like Jonathan, Lucas, Nicholas Tristan and Damian... and thats its

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