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Pokemon white team rating and help!?

I need help for my team. Here they are currently feel free to give some suggestions on movesets. Elektross---- MS: ??, ?? coil? And wild charge? I need help deciding on his moves. Haxorus------ MS: dragon dance, brick break, dragon claw and earthquake. Zoroark------- MS: nasty plot, night daze, night slash and aerial ace( forfighting and bug). Chandelure------- MS: shadow ball, psychic, energy ball, ???( need help with fourth move). Braviary---- MS: fly, brave bird, ??, ?? ( need help with those moves. Carracosta------- MS: hydro pump, rock slide, surf and shell smash....... That's my team. I want to try to use em competitively. So and also please rate my team and some suggestions on attacks even ones that didn't have question marks I need all your help please. Also if youthink my team sucks then give me a good competitive team you have thought of. Thankyou!

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    Basically pick whatever will fill your team until you can catch these guys.

    But my team is Samurott, Sawsbuck, Haxorus, Darmanitan, Zoroark and Braviary.

    Catch a Pidove to replace Braviary since he's really later on.

    Zoroark needs event Pokemon to get though so you could also replace him with something else.

    Throh is decent but I'd personally go with Munna if you needed a Zoroark replacement.

    Musharna can take one hell of a beating

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  • adorne
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    do no longer replace the Thunderous for every person on your team. Thunderous isn't that super and that i beat the Elite 4 with a lvl fifty 4 Victini and fifty six Serperior so which you do no longer desire a good deal to get in the process the Elite 4. concentration greater on beating N and Ghetis. And the only replace i could make is swapping Throh for Sawk. Sawk's attack is greater ideal and he's swifter and could tear in the process the darkish one like it relatively is not something.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    ffffffff tldr wall of text has blinded me!!!....also every good pokemon team needs Psyduck!!!

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