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Is my Tank Overstocked?

I have a 25gal tank I have a bunch of fish in. I'll list all the fish I have and let me know if it's overstocked.

10 neon tetras

2 zebra danios (I know I need a bigger school but my brother gave them to me from his tank and I had already had a bunch of fish)

3 rasboras (I know I need more, I use to have 6 but 3 died and th rest school with the neons, so I think they wil be fine).

2 corry catfish

1 dwarf gourami

1 small angel fish

1 female sword tail

2 female platies

1 common pleco (I know how big they get! I will have o find him a new home. My mom surprised me one day with him and she didn't know how big they got, but that's ok, I'll keep hm for a little bit longer, he is only 2 inches).

I check my water and the ammonia, nitrates and nitrites and perfect! Yes I do weekly water changes. If my water is great and I take care of the tank and I do not overfeed my fish... is my tank still considered overstocked if it is? Or is the tank only considered overstocked when the water starts going haywire?


Also, I have a heater and I have a 40-60gal filter going. black sand bottom. Fake plants, but will be getting real java fern hopfully in the next week or so.

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    This might not go well with many but here goes.

    Personally overstocking is when the bio-load is beyond the ability of the system (bio-filtration) to support it. If it does, then the question is how often are you will to do the water change routine necessary for you to keep the water quality good?

    Say if you have enough bio-filtration and your tank generate a certain amount of nitrate, if you're willing to do water change frequent enough to keep nitrate at a safe concentration, then no. In my humble opinion you're not overstock.

    And yes, over stocking to me means stocking a tank to beyond the tank bio-filtration to support your bio-load "OR" beyond the aquarist ability to keep water in a decent quality. That is my measure, many people use the term overstock freely but I wonder on what basis or criteria do they use to measure and decide a tank is overstock.

    Normal a bigger tank mean easier maintenance. And healthy growing plants consume Ammonia and Nitrate thereby reduce the need for human intervention to maintain water quantity.

    Longest I ran a planted tank without water change is 1.5 years, I only need to top up with tap water weekly. Incidentally at one stage I even have to add nitrate in the form of KNO3 to supplement my plants as it was showing sign of Nitrogen deficiency.

    But that said ...... you already know your Pelco gotta go. And your angel will harass your smaller fishes, so you also gotta plan to take them out in the near future.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Just a few problems that I can see. Nothing drastically horrible, but the tank can be made better and nicer.

    1. Adult angels eat neons for lunch - literally, neons in the wild are Angel food. If you can keep the angel alive long enough to grow big enough it will happen.

    2. Corydora catfish and platies and sword tails are all social fish, and yes they will live the way they are - it's just that they are best kept in groups. IMO you have too many species all thinned out. Variety seems better to beginners, but aquariums really look nicest when fish are kept most naturally.

    3. There is potential for aggression between the angel and the gourami, as they are both territorial. You won't see it until the Angel matures though, but call it fair warning.

    4. That is a pretty heavy load of fish, but not impossible to keep. Overstocking is not a fast rule as some like to think - it has to do with filtration sure, but more importantly it has to do with what kind of care you take of the tank. If your levels are all good (meaning nitrates are under 25 or measured BEFORE the water change) then you are clearly not overstocked regardless of what people tell you (without knowing about your tank or how you take care of it). However, fish do grow quite a bit, even small ones, and what works now may not be enough in the future, so keep keeping an eye on those levels.

    You already understand about the pleco so I won't go there. Live plants are awsome, and so is sand - just don't plant the jave fern in the sand.

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  • sarber
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    4 years ago

    Your tank isn't overstocked, assuming of direction you have the stunning length filter out on the tank. With ten grownup gpuppies nevertheless, there is the prospect for a inhabitants strengthen. The golden sucking catfish additionally spoke of as the chinese language algae eater, could be watched. that's going to finally strengthen too great on your aquarium, and it will become too aggressive for the non violent community fish you in any different case have picked. observe that it is not a real caftfish - no barbels! it quite is extra heavily concerning a carp than to a catfish. a hundred and ten liters = 29.0589 US gallons. paying for and merchandising interior the "catfish" for a pair of small bristle nostril plecos will help deliver the tank back in stability. For now it quite is probable sufficiently small that it ought to leave the different fish on my own, yet they do have a fashion of sneaking up on you, so do no longer positioned off returning this temperate fish.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Your tank needs a good sorting out you have a lot of fish that should be in groups or schools that are not

    The Angel fish needs 29 gallons as a minimum the Plec is a huge waste producer and is something you don't need in 25 gallons .

    Cory's should be in groups of 3 to 5 they are very social fish and prefer groups

    You need to look at the Adult size of your fish when you buy them not the small baby fish you buy your tank will be grossly over stocked if you keep all those fish and some probably wont even reach there Adult size because there growth will be stunted.

    Water parameters can go haywire for many reasons and whilst people have kept over stocked tanks and perfect water parameters it does not mean that that there fish are not suffering.

    I stock my tanks with the right size fish right groups or schools and do not over stock .

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  • 9 years ago

    WOW! Overstocking at its best! You need a tank double the size at 50g.

    10 Neon Tetras

    6 Zebra Danios


    10 Neon Tetras

    6 Rasboras

    or 10 Neon Tetras

    1 Dwarf Gourami

    3 Cory Catfish

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  • 9 years ago

    I'm not sure what all the thumbs downs are about.

    Those that pointed out that you are both drastically overstocked, and that your Angelfish needs a much larger volume to begin with should be heeded.

    Not to mention that your groupings are all wrong.

    You need to either invest in a 55+ gallon tank and get all of your groupings in order, (and the Pleco would still need to go,) or rehome about 3/4 of your stock.

    As it stands, you've got a mess, and it's going to turn into a disaster sooner or later. My guess is sooner.

    Source(s): Experience.
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  • Clyde
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    9 years ago

    You are OK for now, nice big filter, and a good regimen of water changing is great, just as long as you are diligent about maintenance... You know about the Pleco, and the Cories are way better off in schools of three or more.. Other than that it should be fine. Most of your stock uses different parts of the water column primarily, which is good too.

    How does the sand act when you try to siphon the poo and stuff up? I've never used a sand substrate, so I'm not sure of the practicality as far as cleaning goes.

    Source(s): fish enthusiast
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  • 9 years ago

    YES YES you need to give a way some of your fish like the angle fish and some others


    make sure they go to a good

    home where there not going

    to be killed of something

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    yes. Pretty badly too.

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