how many apostles does John mention in his gospel?

John, Judas, Simon, Peter, Phillip .......any others? chapter would help also

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    10 years ago
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    John is written last and already the other gospels were starting to be circulated throughout the Churches. So when John set down to write his gospel, he tried to include several things that were not mentioned or not mentioned in detail from the other gospels. The other gospels have a list of disciples but not John's. The first mentioning of any disciples is in John 1:35-51. Notice that some of the names are not the same. The reason is that in that time most people had two names, one Hebrew and the other Greek. John's audience may have known that certain disciple by that other name where as the audience of Matthew knew the apostle by another. On a second note, not all the disciples are names because of the reason above.

    John however, is interestingly is not named in his own gospel. Rather he simply calls himself the "disciple whom Jesus loved". This term appears in John 13, 20, and 21

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