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Would you support legalizing marijuana nationwide?

Many people a working furiously to jump through all the hoops to get marijuana legalization back on the ballot in the next California election. Even Zuckerman, the founder of Facebook, has donated $1mil in campaign. Some people in California are stating that legalizing statewide is a poor solution to marijuana prohibition, that real change needs to come from the Federal level. Now this is a serious question...

How many people here would support a nationwide lifting of marijuana prohibition?

I realize many here will have strong opinions on this subject. I would be interested to know what state or area you are from, and what your pros and cons you have.

I would love to hear your comments on what the effect might be on tax revenues, the impact on the court system and police force, on the price, on organized crime involved with ex/import and growing.

Be sure and give references to good pages!

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    If weed were legalized, regulated and taxed weed the nation and every state could balance their budgets, gang crime would drop dramatically, new jobs and stores would be created. However it would empty 1/3 of our prisons and that would be detrimental to the U.S. prison industry. Where would politicians give jobs to good friends and campaign donors if they didnt have warden, guard, electrician, plumbers jobs to give away. How would they get kickbacks from the vendors supplying the prisons. What would they do with all that money saved in salaries, electricity, heat, food, laundry etc for all those closed prisons? Were would all those people work. The U.S. prison industry is 3rd to the military industry and NASA, but NASA is being dismantled so our prison industry will soon be the 2nd largest industry in America and you want to kill that. Where would we house all those extremely violent totally lawless potheads? Imprisoning Americans is the American way. Maybe we could criminalize smoking cigarettes to keep those prisons open.

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  • Rob
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    9 years ago

    The fact of the matter is even if it was legalized many businesses and occupations would still have policies in place that would prohibit the use of it. Weed should remain illegal.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I'm so damn sick of this never ending make weed legal why can't we smoke weed everyone i know smokes weed why can't it be legal it hurts no one we should be able to smoke weed It disgusting

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