Common foods in the 1920s!?

Im doing a class project on the 1920s and thought it would be cool if i brought in something to share with the class that would have been eaten during the 1920s. Please note im bringing this into class so make sure its something i can share!

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    By 1920 ALL food was "common" by then.

    No different than today in fact.

    You could sit in a pizza shop or have your pizza delivered.

    You could drink Pepsi, Coca Cola, Dr Pepper, Canada Dry Ginger Ale, Kool-Aid, Grape Soda, etc

    Jello and Chocolate pudding always popular.

    Milkshakes and French Fries too.

    All the candy bars you eat today were being eaten in the 1920's, all the major candy companies in the US, UK, and Canada had already been in business for years.

    Hamburgers and hot dogs on the grills.

    Tuna salad sandwich with potato chips.

    At waterside amusement parks from Toronto to New York to California served cotton candy, hot pretzels with mustard, an assortment of ice cream flavors, taffy, and candy apples.

    In large cities, especially with large Chinese populations like Los Angelos, San Francisco, Vancouver, New York, Toronto Chinese food was huge.

    Plenty of Italian restaurants to chose from.

    Frozen foods existed in the 1920s.

    Texas ate huge bowls of chili.

    Nachos were actually becoming popular down in the Southwest.

    Jello-Brand, Pillsbury, Coke, Nabisco, Campbells Soups, General Mills cereals, Kraft, Heinz, Oscar Myer, etc.

    Also, ethnic people still ate all their ethnic foods then too ---- typical English tavern food served in pubs, Jewish delis still making monster sandwiches, fish and seafood restaurants, Greeks could buy gyros in a Greek restaurant.

    What you would have eaten at home for dinner in the 1920's is exactly what you eat for dinner at home today --- mac and cheese, pork and beans, tuna casserole, cake and ice cream, etc

    Basically that only thing they DIDN'T have in the 1920's was Fast Food Restaurants, though they did have dinners, soda shops, hot dog stands, and pizza joints ---- which were really just as fast as McDonald's and the food was MUCH, MUCH better and you could get exactly the same thing to eat.

    This grew even more towards the end of the 1920's with more specialty restaurants like steak houses and donut / coffee shops and all night dinners.

    I see you signed in under Yahoo Canada -- the biggest "hit" to come from Canada in the 1920's, going head to head with Coke and Pepsi, Canada Dry Ginger Ale invented in 1890 by Canadian pharmacist and chemist, John J. McLaughlin of Enniskillen, Ontario who opened a carbonated water plant in Toronto in 1923 that formed Canada Dry Ginger Ale, Inc

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    from what i heard, soft drinks

    apparently Chinese food,wine,chicken,coffee and i hear Americans were experimental at the time

    and they tried a lot of foreign food and they liked some of it ...that's all i know

    heres a link i looked at

    hope your project goes good, i think they mightve even a lot of bacon for breakfast too

    maybe you can bring in an old pepsi or 7up bottle if u find one

    or show them how the table was set up in those days?

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    According to this site, Reese's peanut butter cups were introduced in 1923, miniature Reese's cups might be a good treat. :) Jello and coffee were also things the class might recognize...then again if you want them to try something new, there's some menus with weird things on the second site as well.

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    Lots of corn stuff

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