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Will Japan have issues like Chernobyl?

I'm hearing a lot about the Japanese nuclear power plants exploding from the earthquake, and I can't help worrying that something like the Chernobyl catastrophe might happen. Japan is such a small, dense island. How are they going to prevent radiation from affecting the people there?


Oh woops sorry if I wasn't specific. The REACTORS have been exploding :\

In fact, one article I'm reading right now specifically mentions the radiation coming from the explosions. You have a fundamental misunderstanding of the situation.

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    japan is a resource rich country, very developed and its people are used to earthquakes.

    the tsunami was very bad, but the public seem very calm and willing to work with the government to do reparations. at the moment it's hard to say, but i'd like to think that japan will be basically recovered by the beginning of next year. this includes clearing away of mud and debris (this has to happen before things begin to rot under the summer heat. the government will prioritise this), but the reconstruction of infrastructure will take longer (planning of more efficient buildings is needed). in the short term Japan's economy will be suffering, but i doubt there will be much capital flight and it seems investment into japan will not be withdrawn to a damaging degree.

    only half of japan has been affected. places such as Osaka and Kyoto are not affected badly. i have confidence that japan will recover very quickly and i actually plan to go in the summer this year ^^

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    In Chernobyl extinguished and built a sarcophagus. Cost the lives of many Soviet people. Who will put out the reactor, if the staff had already deduced from the station?

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    No. The plants have not been "exploding from the earthquake". You have a fundamental misunderstanding of the situation.

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