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Is corruption more likely to happen in the private sector vs the public sector?


Corruption as ripping people off of money and underpaying workers.

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    Depends on if you consider lack of ethics a corruption case. if you do, then the private sector is the clear winner.

    Maybe you should start out by giving a clear definition of corruption since most corruption in the public sector are a direct result of private sector people passing money in the form of bribes to public sector employee. so that alone makes it pretty much even.

    and the private sector gets away with much more unethical acts than public sector employees.

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    Well the black market is pretty freaking private.

    I would say the tendency for corruption is equal in all people.

    However let's consider the sheer size of business, money and life effecting decisions of one sector vs. the other. If one uses plain logic it's quite clear which one of the two has the much, much greater volume across the board.

    And I would also put forth - who is held more accountable?

    Heck - how does the public sector even benefit from corruption?

    Gee a congressman was caught using a slush fund to build parks and museums?

    No. When the public sector fails it has been corrupted by private interests.

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    At this time the pubic sector. Senators, Congressmen, and The President have created so many agencies and given them so much power that unelected officials effectively now write law through regulation. This is a corruption of the constitution even if you agree with the regulation. Much of the corruption in the public sector is caused by bad legislation. Like getting rid of the ten page law that separated mortgage banks from brokerage firms. Instead of just bringing the same law back they write a 2000 page finance reform bill that still allows brokerage firms and banks to be in bed together does nothing at all to Freddy and Fanny two of the biggest causes of the melt down (Fanny and Freddy are really public sector now considering how much money we have spent on them).

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    well what exactly IS corruption in the private sector? Im not sure I understand how a private organization can actually fit some corrupt definition even if they try. I guess you mean fraud or something? that is simply illegal but most would not call it corruption. You need authority prior to being corrupt, imo.

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    Mostly in Public Sector.

    Source(s): But sometimes news is also published i.e.Bank manager of Private Bank caught with red handed etc.
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    I worked in the conventional public sector for 25 a million/2 years...great pastime protection, great insurance, reward, and bigger of all, retirement!!! i did not could paintings 30+ years earlier i'd desire to retire. inner maximum sector in specific situations will pay greater to initiate and has greater suitable will boost (each and according to annum) however the conventional public sector, in the long-term is greater suitable pastime protection.

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    The Elite. It does not actually matter as Elite throughout history make their gains typically through the misfortune of others. War, Scarcity, desperation. The elite are 99% always government. From there it is Just a matter of Scale. Think back from the Greeks, on through to the Ottoman empire, World trade what it is. How the elite put themselves and their progeny in the position of wealth and prosperity an you have you answer.

    Meanwhile they leave us to argue about petty things like, Liberal, or conservative, To drill or not to drill, communism, capitalism, illegal aliens, legalized prostitution.

    It is very interesting question you pose and I think more interesting than you are being given credit for.

    Star for you.

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    The public sector because it has access to more people and more money than any company on Earth.

    The wasteful spending of taxpayer money rips off everyone who pays taxes.

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    Our entire financial system almost collapsed and both the private and public sector point fingers at each other.

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    Well capitalism has faired alot better than any communist regimes, so I say public sector will have the most corruption.

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