What Spec should I Choose for a Mage for pvp in 2v2?

Hi I'm gonna start playing WoW again and I'm gonna play a mage and I was wondering what spec should I choose Fire or Arcane?

I'm already gonna be a Frost since that's popular but which one of those two?

And which is harder to play in pvp?


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  • 10 years ago
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    For pvp you want to be frost hands down.

    But if its between fire or arcane for arcane. Fire does not do nearly as much damage, and even less survivability. With arcane you can get INSANE crits, my friend no jokes globals people and if he can free cast he can just about 3 shot anyone with arcane blast.

    Fire would be harder to play

    Source(s): www.wowpvpguide.org
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