Please help me with a drinking question!?

Yes I am a teenager. Please don't tell me about how bad and illegal it is to drink, because I know that, but I'm going to a party where there will be a ton of alcohol and I'd rather know how to safely drink so I don't get sick or pass out. There's going to be vodka, rum, beer, probably wine coolers...what do I do with this stuff!? And I know there's something about not mixing drinks...please help me because I'd rather have the information to drink a little and drink safely than mix drinks or do something wrong and get sick or hurt.

Thank you so much in advance!

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    for starters make sure you eat before drinking to help prevent getting sick.

    drink lots of water before partying to help prevent dehydration

    before you go to bed again drink more water. the primary cause of a hang over is dehydration.

    some people say take an aspirin before going to bed but DO NOT do that.

    i guarantee you will get sick and pending on the amount you have drank mabey even need to go to the hospital.

    as far as mixed drinks the myth is beer before liquor you morning is sicker and liquor before beer your morning is clear.

    mythbusters tested this and it proved to be false.

    so just stay hydrated, dont over do it, and dont take any pills and you will be fine

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    Be very careful I had a family member die of alcohol poisoning. When your body is puking it is saying that you have had too much to drink and it is trying to get rid of it, but by time a person starts puking they have already drank too much but it is better to puke and get it out then just hold it in. Mixing drinks they say can make you sicker it just depends wine coolers are a good start for a person without experience because they have a low alcohol level but enough of them is usually good for a starter. and with almost any hard liquor you mix it with juice of what ever is available. Don't feel pressured to take shots or to chug stuff.

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    Alexandre is correct about eating before you start drinking

    and drinking water before you go to bed, I'll add to that with

    eat fatty foods. Alcohol that has been absorbed by fat is

    alcohol that does not get into your blood stream.

    However, in my experience, he's incorrect about aspirin. I used

    to take aspirin to avoid hangovers and it worked. I now take

    Tylenol and it works too,

    Unless vodka is mixed with orange juice or tomato juice, stay away

    from it as vodka has no flavor of its own. Rum and coke is very

    good. But mix them yourself so you can get 1 part vodka and

    4 to 5 parts whatever you're mixing it with. Wine cooler are good,

    but don't add anything to them.

    As for beer, stay away from the low quality stuff like Bud, Millers,

    Coors, and other light lagers. It won't make any difference in the

    morning. It's just that drinking horse piss is a bad habit.

  • 10 years ago

    Stick to good, normal strength beer (no more than 5%abv) and you won't go far wrong. The amount of water in beer ensures that, firstly you can't drink too much of it too quickly and, secondly, that you will remain hydrated.

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    10 years ago

    stay hydrated with WATER

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