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Selecting Civil Engineering Stream for Specializing?

Hi, i am studying Civil engineering and now its time to select a stream.

Considering today's and future economic condition and job market which civil engineering stream should i select?

i can go in:

Structural in which i can go in Foundation, bridge, buildings

Environmental in which foundation engineering, Municipal Solid Waste Management, water resource engineering

Transportation which has highway planning, pavement management and non highway management.

Though i like structural and bridges, i know that there are not many jobs in that market so any professional in this market can give an opinion please.


and by the way, i am also doing a minor in Management Science.

thanks for reply

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    Although employment or civil engineers is decreasing at the moment ( what's not though?) I hear that environmental engineering is meant to be the way forward, that's what all the experts are saying anyway. Personally I think I would enjoy environmental over the rest as I feel I would have a better chance at being more creative but that is just personal opinion.

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