why were the spanish exploring?

i need this for my project that is do on Monday plzzzz help me and i'm in 8th grade

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    Why explore the New World? For the monarchs, it meant a chance to increase their political holdings and spread Christianity. For explorers, it meant a chance at earning fame and fortune. For priests, it meant a chance to spread Christianity.


    King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella's lands essentially covered modern-day Spain, parts of Italy, Sicily, and Greece. Columbus's discoveries increased that territory to several islands of the Caribbean and the coast of South America. When Charles V became Holy Roman Emperor, his lands stretched to eastern Europe. Cortés's conquest of the Yucatan Peninsula and Mexico gave Spain a hold on Central American lands. Pizarro's conquest of Peru opened up South America to further Spanish exploration. Charles V's rule saw perhaps the biggest expansion of land holdings, with New World territories increased to include present-day California, Mexico, Florida, and parts of South America.Spanish Exploration: Where Did They Go?

    Where exactly did the Spanish explorers go?


    At the time of Spain's claim of the region, "California" referred to an area which includes modern-day California, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, and portions of other American states.


    After discovering San Salvador in 1492, Columbus sailed to Cuba. Havana (on the northwestern side of the island) would become an important port for ships coming to or leaving the New World.


    "La Florida" was made up of the modern-day Florida peninsula and a longer panhandle which stretched westward along the modern-day Mississippi and Alabama coastlines.


    Located east of Cuba, this is the island where modern-day Haiti and the Dominican Republic are located.

    New Spain

    The area of the New World controlled by Spain. From north to south, it stretched from near modern-day Alaska down to the Caribbean islands. From west to east, it spanned from modern-day California to Minnesota, tapering down to Florida.


    Francisco Pizarro traveled to an area he called Peru, which is located along the western coast of South America. Later Spanish expansion of this territory stretched across most of South America (with the exception of territories held by the Portuguese).

    San Salvador

    Columbus first landed his ships at this island in the Bahamas before discovering Cuba and Hispaniola. This island is north of Cuba and Hispaniola and east of the southernmost tip of Florida.

    Santo Domingo

    A port on Hispaniola which would become an important stopping point for colonists arriving in or departing from the New World. It is on the southeastern border of Hispaniola.

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    The Americas? Originally to trade with India (spices and all that jazz). But it soon turned into gold :/

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    they 1st went west to find a shortcut to india to trade goods. instead of finding india, they found the americas, so they continued to explore the newly found land to create colonies such as new spain

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    Ponce de leon.. i stay in florida and there are streets named after him in jacksonville and st augustine (additionally in atlanta too) so, yeah... st augustine is the oldest city interior the united statesand he got here to this section. there is alot of heritage

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    They wanted GOLD!

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