Tips on singing lower notes, please?

I am auditioning for my school's talent show in a few days with Josh Groban's "You Raise Me Up". I have a good voice but I have trouble reaching the low notes in the first line, "When I am down/And oh my soul, so weary". Whenever I try to sing the line, my voice croaks and is barely distinguishable. Can someone give me tips for a sure-fire way to achieve those notes? I really want to leave a good first impression on the judges.

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    10 years ago
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    Notes on the bottom and top of your range need lots of breath support. Make sure your posture is good and that you are supporting the notes from your diaphragm. Hear the note in your mind, but don't "reach" for it physically. Stay relaxed and open just like it was an easy note.

    If you still have trouble, you can always cheat a little. Hit the lower note and then slide up to a harmony pitch just above it - or just change the melody slightly for those notes. It's not best to do that, but sometimes better than just not hitting the notes at all :)


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    6 years ago

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