Time apart? is this good for our relationship?

we have been together for a year and a half almost, and we are 18 and have lived at my house with my family for 6 months. I have a fulltime job...8 and a half hours, five days a week, 10 to 630 pm, and she works every other day at mcds. And i didnt have a job for a year while we were dating at now it feels good to have her jump on me when i get home from work...and i make a lot more than she does so thats also a good feeling too, she still says "i love you so so much" "your the only guy ill ever want" etc

Here and there she goes out with her girlfriends for a sleepover, or to a little get together, and she left tonight to sleepover at a friends, then tommorow they are going to a mcds crew party and i wont see her till after i get off work tommorow, and sure ill be a little on edge about it when she goes out for the night but then i think to myself and also tonight i thought, "This is a good thing! because itll give her time to miss me"

and she left 5 min ago and she just texted me saying "i love you so so so much" and "your a hottie"

So is this whole time apart thing true and how does our relationship sound to you?? and we see eachother on weekends and in the morning when i get up and get ready for work, if she isnt working in the morning, or at night if shes not working.....during the week

What do you think


and our sex life is good and as a bonus im also working out a lot more, i work out before work mostly 5 days a week and i quit smoking...so will me getting toned increase attraction? etc

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    9 years ago
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    It sounds like you guys have a great relationship. If she goes out with her friends... don't worry. It'll only put stress on your relationship. It's good to get and have friends. Being BFF with your girlfriend... can be bad. It takes the masculine/femininity out of the relationship. Why don't you go out with your friends every once in a while? Time apart does make the heart grow fonder. Just go with the flow. If it's meant to be...it will be. Don't stress. It sounds like she's crazy about you. :-)

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    DUDE! space is great, be happy shes going out, and you go out also. SPACE is always great, because it gives you guys time apart, to miss each other. Also she will love the fact that your not uptight and i can see your relationship going really far. Just play it cool.

    i was in the ssame situation as you were. Except we were always together 24/7. It was an amazing relationship at first, but us seen each other every day we eventually got sick of one another. 1 yr 8 month we were together and i knew we had to break up. Let each other go see where we ended up in a couple of months. This just happened 2 weeks ago. I wish i could have taken it slow with her, and i wish she let me out we both wouldnt have been heart broken right now.

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