White people attacked by animals vs Metro PCS?

A fat white woman is at the zoo, watching a panda bear named Lind Ling behind a fence, chewing on some bamboo. There is a sign that clearly says to "remain 7 feet away from the fence". Despite this, she climbs up onto the fence to take a closer look. She takes a few pictures with her camera, and in her desire to be "one with nature" she reaches out to pet Ling Ling. The woman cant quite reach, so she wedges her thick body as far as possible in between the fence bars to try and pet Ling Ling. Suddenly the panda bear latches onto the fat woman's leg and sinks its teeth into her giant rear end. Zoo keepers rush into the panda exhibit and beat Ling Ling with bamboo sticks until she lets go. The fat white lady recovers in hospital with several stitches to her leg, rump and butt cheek.

That was just a common, reoccurring theme that keeps repeating itself in western society. I find this sort of thing hilarious when I hear about it. Does that make a bad person?

Recently I saw an ad for Metro PCS and I was deeply offended. As a west Indian, to me it's the equivalent of "Black-Face". (Check it on you tube) But then after reading about it, the decision to keep it was because people (white) responded positively to the ad and sales for their phone service went up.

All Im saying is that if that is acceptable, in this society, then I should be able to laugh and ridicule white people who get attacked or even maimed by wild animals.

What do ya'll think?


Just to give some backround...I grew up in Canada, my parent are west Indian. We trace our ancesry back to India, but culturally we're not indian, in fact I'd say we have more in common with black west indians.

That said, the commercial is very stereotypical and offensive.

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    Well, the first one sadly is the norm. People just don't follow the rules and are shocked when bad thing happen to them. Pure stupidity if you ask me, but what can you do?

    As for the second one, I have seen those commercials and for the record, I find them annoying and stupid and wonder why people would like the commercial, but just out of curiosity can you explain how it is offensive like black face (pretty self explanatory)? In no way am I saying that it isn't offensive so please don't take it that way, its just that I have no clue about Indian culture so I am truly ignorant and ask this to be educated. Thanks. :)

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