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Why such a Silly Violation Notice?

Question was something like how to have a good time.

My answer...Buy some vodka and have a party.

Violation Reason: ILLEGAL DRUG USE.

Since when is vodka illegal? Is this site located in Saudi Arabia or some other alcohol free country? Or have the MuSLUMS finally taken over ?

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    I now and then get equally silly violations.

    I gave up trying to follow them. What I have noticed is, sometimes after posting a answer I will think to my self (not out aloud) that the answer was maybe a bit of a concern. Yet none of these are reported and acted on. Yet ones like your one, were you would not expect it, these are jumped on,

    Yet even silly is the people who post non questions or post that are meant to offend and yet they remain.

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  • brunt
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    4 years ago

    listed less than are the justifications they are being stated: a million. Any "do you agree" question is going to be called chatting and answering will be considered chat 2. not a question, so there is not any answer conceivable, so your submit isn't an answer 3. not a ideal answer. you're truly not providing any functional suggestion, merely utilising a question as an answer. 4. back, the question is a communicate violation. even if all of us consents, it really is why they were given stated. basically eye-catching ought to allow you to understand if the staff agree. notwithstanding, it sort of feels you need to stay faraway from question that are violations to commence with. they could basically get you in problem. Many are printed by utilising trolls and in case you disagree, they're going to record you considering the fact that your answer is likely also a contravention.

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  • uc410
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    9 years ago

    Good question. Unfortunately I do not have an answer.

    It does seem that whoever is in charge of that department has taken leave of their senses.

    At least momentarily.

    And in some countries if you said vodka was illegal they would have you up on charges.

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  • 9 years ago

    I've seen several unexplainable violation notices lately. I think that department has lost their ability to reason.

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  • Jay
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    If someone with high enough ratings reports you, it is automatically deleted. Simply contest the violation and it should be re-instated. I've done this several times.

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