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Why are there so many asian styles of fighting?

Arent there any european styles of fighting/disciplines?

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    The Europeans styles were mainly military/combative and tended to work into larger group/armies. So as gunpowder moved to the forefront of military fighting the hand to hand decreased. Many became more sports and others became self defense systems. The Asian arts had more styles mainly (in my opinion) because so many tried to keep theirs secret, while the Europeans were not so secretive.

    But to give you a feel for how many types of European Martial Arts there are:

    Europe – general – Amateur/freestyle wrestling, Archery, Fencing, Historical European martial arts

    Academic fencing (German akademisches Fechten) or Mensur is the traditional kind of fencing practiced by some student corporations (Studentenverbindungen) in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and recently to a minor extent in Latvia, Poland and Flanders as well.

    France – Greco-Roman wrestling

    France – Savate/Baton Francaise/La Canne – Savate is a hybrid of boxing and kicking style (some of which were influenced by Asian styles). Baton Francaise and LaCanne are stick fighting styles that are often used in savate.

    France (Brittany) – Gouren – jacket wrestling

    Georgia - Khrudoli – martial art including bare hand and weapon fighting

    Germany – Kampfringen – Medieval combat grappling using striking, ground-fighting, joint-locks, leverage throws and dagger-fighting

    Greece – Pankration – Ancient Greek combat wrestling

    Greece – Pygmachia – Ancient Greek Boxing

    Greece – Pale – Ancient Greek wrestling

    Ireland – Bataireacht (from the Irish bata, meaning stick) is the term used in Irish martial arts traditionally applied to various forms of Irish stick fighting.

    Italy - Italian Scrima - Italian Medieval Fencing style that includes sword, dagger, wrestling, and staff.

    Portugal – Jogo do Pau Portuguese martial art which developed in the northern regions of Portugal (Minho and Trás-os-Montes), focusing on the use of a staff of fixed measures and characteristics. The origins of this martial art are uncertain, but its purpose was primarily self-defence. It was also used to settle accounts, disputes and matters of honour between individuals, families, and even villages.

    Russia – Sambo – Russian martial art and combat sport rooted in folk wrestling, judo, karate, and boxing

    Russia – Systema – Russian martial arts that includes hand to hand, grappling, knife and fire arms training.

    Serbia - Narodno rvanje – Serbian wrestling style

    Spain – Destreza - Verdadera Destreza - Spanish system of fencing.

    Spain – Juego del Palo traditional martial art/folk sport of stick fighting practiced in the Canary Islands. It involves the combative use of a slender stick from 4 to 6 feet (1.2 to 1.8 m) long, wielded in both hands, and characterised by fluid motion in attacks and defences.

    Spain – Canarian Wrestling is a form of folk wrestling, originally from the Canary Islands, where it is known as Lucha Canaria.

    Spain – Keysi Fighting Method (KFM) is a method of self defense that is based on natural fighting instincts and several street fighting techniques, developed by Justo Diéguez Serrano from his fighting experiences in the streets of Spain. The system was founded with the help of Andy Norman.[1] Both founders, Justo Diéguez and Andy Norman, are certified Jeet Kune Do instructors under Dan Inosanto.[2] The Keysi Fighting Method became famous after it was used in the fighting choreography of the movies Batman Begins and its sequel, The Dark Knight.

    Spain – Baratero (I am not sure if this is the name of the art, it is from the Manual of the Baratero) is the art of handling the Navaje, the Knife, and the Scissors of the Gypsies. It old Spanish knife fighting.

    Switzerland – Schwingen – folk wrestling

    UK – Bartitsu – hybrid of Jujutsu, Schwingen, Savate, Canne de Combat, Judo, boxing

    UK – Defendu – modern martial arts developed by WE Fairbairn and EA Sykes combining boxing, Cornish wrestling, Savate, Jujutsu, Judo, Pakua, Gatka

    UK - Lannaireachd Gaelic Swordsmanship using broadsword and targe/shield, Lochaber ax, dirk dagger and two-handed sword

    UK –Boxing

    UK –Purring, European footfighting

    Iceland – Glima – folk wrestling

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    There are certainly a lot of asian fighting styles, but there are essentially an equal number of european, middle eastern, and african styles. The reasons why the western styles have died out is because when the western world switched to gun powder, martial arts were only for warfare, not part of the culture. Thus the non-cultural arts were stopped as it was seen as a waste of time by western militaries. This is just one of many theories. You also have to take into account that modern forms of western arts are conglomerates. For example, modern fencing is primarily italian and french styles, yet there were english, spanish, and germanic styles as well that have long since been lost. Boxing is actually from a large variety of sources, and the style of boxing we get today was actually from staff techniques, while many parts of roman style pugilism have been lost. It is only recently that we have rediscovered many arts that we had in renaissance europe that were lost seemingly forever.

    In the far east, the arts were more closely interlinked with spiritual and cultural identity than other places. This has allowed eastern arts to survive where many other arts have died off. Think of the way the samurai held their katanas in extreme pride and how the katana was a national symbol of japanese pride. However, the idea that greater numbers would create more arts has a large fallacy, as at times there were more europeans than chinese or indians. The only possible explanation from region would be in that the Chinese have a homogeneous nation for their civilization, while Europe and most other areas were separated amongst themselves.

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    There are a number of European fighting styles, Boxing Sambo, Greco-Roman, Pankration, Schwingen and some others. However most European martial arts are variants of fencing, because Europeans focused on armed combat because of thicker plate armor, guns and a number of other things. If you actually go through Europe you'll find thousands of different sword/spear/axe styles, but not as many hand-to-hand styles as Asia.

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    Each ancient civilization developed their own style of fighting.

    And because there are so many Asian cultures, it also follows there are many styles (many that we still see today).

    Regarding the European styles, yes the ancient civilizations over there also had their own style of fighting.

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    The same reason why there are so many Asians: clean water and food, historically good supply chains, and lack of birth control. :)

    Only kidding! Once anybody has any skills in a fighting or warring style, the pressure is on everyone else, allies and enemies alike to improve in order to compete and survive. The Europeans tended to be more pragmatic, and didn't find it important to have "styles" or "systems" or the need to keep them secret and differentiate them the way that Asians like to. In fact, jousts or tournaments were quite common in medieval Europe. Asians would prefer to fight only to the death, to prevent their secret fighting techniques leaking out.

    IMHO, it's cultural.

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    Because Asia is considered by many to be the bedrock of martial arts.

    Yes there is a european style of fighting. It's called English Boxing

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    There are Europe and other continents that have their owns style of self defense.

    You have many different style for many different reasons. Kind of like why there are so many different churches. Everyone does things a little different. Some have different opinions on some select things. Sometime it was because of disagreements my way is better than your way. You are wrong. Then of course with martial arts as the Asian began t teach other ethnicity their art they often didn't show other everything. They reserved some things for themselves. Then when ever the art was taught in a new place it had a new identity. Therefore it could not be called the same thing.


    Dr. Jigoro Kano the founder of Judo was a master in jujitsu. He removed many of the techniques that he considered too dangerous and created Judo. He said since it was different it should have a new name. Ju (gentle) do(way) Judo is the gentle way. However, in its early days many in japan still called in jujitsu. It took time for many in Japan to call it something other than jujitsu. Then later Kano and or some of his students as they were directed by Kano to spread their new art ended up traveling to Brazil. they taught their art to someone in the Gracie family. Again this could not be called jujitsu because it had been modified. Then they came up with jiu jitsu. Later it was changed to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (bjj). After the Gracie family made a name for themselves people began to call it Gracie Jiu Jitsu. They credit Gracie with creating it. It was introduce to him and taught to him by member that were sent to teach Judo to Brazil. The change was more of a focus on fighting on the ground and there were some rule changes that allowed you to fight more from the ground.

    Source(s): Martial Arts since 1982 Black Belt in Shorin Ryu Black Belt in Jujitsu Brown Belt in Judo
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    Simple numbers.

    Between China and India, they have 2/3 of the world's population.

    That's why.

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    because asias a big place

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