Snow Crash or Neuromancer?

I'm currently looking for a good cyber-punk novel, and these two seem the most interesting.

What I'm really asking is, which would be more suited for a teenager? I've heard that at least Neuromancer is more suited toward readers slightly older, and I'm unsure if this also applies for Snow Crash.

But generally, which do you think would be more enjoyable for a teen?

You can recommend another novel other than these two, if you want :)

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    One of the main characters in Snow Crash is a teenager. I read it, and it's a mind trip, but quite good. Actually I read it for college linguistics class, which means the book has actual literary value. It's a little racy in parts, so it depends on how old of a teenager you're talking about. 13-14 would be a little young, but 16-17 would be just about right.

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