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Purple Shampoo or Pantene?

I dyed my hair 4 months ago a medium brown, and naturally its a dirty blonde. It faded to a nasty orange brass kinda brown color..

So I got foils, and my hair is almost a whitish blonde on top with out any orange.. But there's still that brass color underneath and it shows a lot since I have short layers with long hair. I heard About purple shampoo at sally beauty awhile ago, but my hairdresser and my aunt who did hair said my hairs not brassy and it will turn it a grayish color. They think it's not orange at all, but all my friends agree it is.

At target they have a product called "pantene pro-v blonde expressions shampoo- Platnium to sand dune" I no nothing about it. I don't want it to ruin my expensive foils I just got.

So purple shampoo or the pantene stuff? Thanks!

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    I use a purple shampoo and I don't notice that much a difference. It maybe lightened my blonde hair a bit, but nothing too dramatic. I'd say read some reviews on other websites, those should help.

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    I actually personally think guys look extremely warmer with short hair. I had a guy friend that had a afro and he cut it in eighth grade year and he suddenly received soo much cuter.

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    I honestly dont have got the patience to keep my tresses long

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