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Thinking about selling Beatles albums?

I really need money and I have a few different Beatles and Elvis albums in pretty good condition which i want to sell. First, should i go to a record store or pawn shop? Second, is there a price range anyone knows of that they sell for? Not ebay, i would like to know if anyone has sold any to a store or anything and what they got for it. Thanks!

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  • 10 years ago
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    they're not worth any significant amount unless they're sealed mint condition. people will still buy them, but don't expect to hit the jackpot

  • 10 years ago

    The only Beatles album worth anything is the Yesterday and Today butcher cover. The rest are down in value in today's economy. The just is not a market for Elvis records anymore. You need a "

    Goldmine price guide" to see what you have. There are many different pressings and some are worth more than others. A pawn shop or used record shop will rip you off.

    Source(s): pro dealer and collector
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    4 years ago

    Very cool! It makes suitable sense. 2/3rds of the infants i comprehend finally end up procuring a minimum of five Beatles albums between the an prolonged time of 12 and 14. Worshipping the Beatles for some years is almost a ceremony-of-passage form element around right here.

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