Itamar, Jerusalem bombings, rockets into Israel; how long before Israel gets really ticked off?

A family stabbed to death in their sleep, the palestinians dance in the streets and hand out sweets. Jerusalem bombed and a Brit is murdered with 25 other innocents sent to the hospital. Now Gaza militants are using long distance rockets and firing them off into Israel.

U.S. defence secretary "Robert Gates" was quoted today "Israel like all nations, has the right to self-defence and to bring to justice the perpetrators of these repugnant attacks".

How long do you think it will be, before Israel launches another strong attack against the militants again? Not the retaliation strikes that have gone on recently but a full fledged pre-emptive attack to stave off any more militant attacks?


EDIT: Didn't ask you for your rant misty blue; I asked how long will it be before the Israelites get really ticked off?

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    9 years ago
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    The One who protects Israel "neither slumbers, nor sleeps". He is already "ticked off" and it is only a matter of time before the problem resolves itself. The descent into madness of the palestinian people is phase one of their total annihilation. It is not the two or three who killed the innocent that need to be brought to justice, per Mr. Gates. It is the thousands who rejoiced at the indiscriminate killing; who ate sweets and were drunk on the violence, at Israels expense. The leaders of Isreal cannot agree on the proper course of action, but the LORD of all the earth will soon take matters into His own able hands. Either Allah will prevail; or the LORD Jehovah will prevail. Those who take the wrong side on this issue will not be held innocent either. Sadly, being an "innocent observer" is no longer an option. Nor is a "two state solution", when one side has the total destruction of the other side as its' one great focus and reason for being.

    The collective "yawn" of the world is evidence enough that the "love of many" has grown cold. Even so, come quickly LORD . Maranatha !

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  • 9 years ago

    Well it looks like a time will come for them to fight back like they did the last time a few years ago.

    It all depends on the muslims that are attacking the Jews and how much more they will antagonize the Jews.

    But the good news is that the united states looks like they are finally backing up Israel with some common sense. They seem to lack that on their international affairs with obama as president.

    @ Franklyns... what do you mean they've been occupied for decades and decades? Do you have any history books in your local library? Do you have any ability to search the internet for valid information or are you just one of those sycophants?

    Look at the fall of the Ottoman Empire and look at the history of the land of Cannan, Israel/Judea, and Palestinia. For the last three to four thousand years the Jews have been living there!

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  • 9 years ago

    They'll never have the patience of the palestinians.Look at the cr@p they've put up with for decades.At the weekend the IDF murdered a group of children playing football.Israel continues to steal houses and land and deprive Palestinians yet laughingly expect them to put up with it.The Palestine Papers proved Israel has no intention of finding a peaceful solution.They want the Palestinians to kick back.It gives them the cover they need to massacre more of them.Gates is a Zionist he reads from whatever script Israel gives him.

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  • 9 years ago

    The Palestinians also have been attacked and occupied for decades and decades. I don't see you're concerned about one of the longest occupations in history. Israel is a colonial power.

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