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Lumberjack term definitions, please?

Please define these words or lumberjack terms. It is for a school assignment. :)

-Squint Eye


-Whistle Punk

-Pay Cheater

-Lumber Stiff


-Rigger Slinger/sling

Thank you in advance! Any help appreciated!

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    some of these are job designations.

    choker is the chain that pulls the log up and the choker setter is a very dangerous job

    bunkhouse is where the lumberjacks sleep

    they used to eat huge meals on the job. a steam donkey was a little train that dragged logs.

    fiume was the water races built to carry logs down. used in mendicino ca.

    these were seasonal and transigient jobs.

    i had a book from the children's section in Or where a college boy worked as a lumberjack and drew pictures. also lois lenski wrote a book, about my landlord and his family, loggers in or. gyppo loggers were gypsys who didn't always have permits.

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