Jeep - hard starting and intermittent stalling?

1994 Jeep Grand Cherokee. When the engine is cold, it will start and stall with in a few seconds. It seems to be getting worse. If I touch the gas it will stall immediately. It will do this 3 to 10 times before it will catch and run properly. Once the engine is warm, it starts great.

Intermittently it will stall for 3 - 10 seconds on the freeway and then start again. It will usually only do this once - on a 30k commute, and the engine is warm.

History: Replaced the fuel pump about a year ago. Similar symptoms started about 5 months after that, only the fuel gauge would quit as well. Replaced part of the wiring harness to the fuel pump and all was well for about 2 months. Now the problem has started again, but the fuel gauge works fine.

I am thinking either another short in the wiring harness, or crank shaft position sensor. I am open to any suggestions though.

Also, why does stepping on the gas cause it to stall immediately?


You may be right. After reading your answer, I pulled the IAC and cleaned it up. It fired up right away and idled better. I will see what happens in the morning.

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  • 9 years ago
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    TPS sensor. Idle air control, and map senser.

    Source(s): My boyfriend is a mechanic.
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  • pitter
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    3 years ago

    properly, healthy spark plugs are needed to an straightforward engine commence.. additionally , Cherokees of that classic have a "lazy"gasoline pump.It needs countless seconds of cranking to construct stress to transport gasoline to the injectors.

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