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Shelly asked in PetsReptiles · 10 years ago

Breeding feeder mice?

I have 4 female mice and one male. they have all been housed together for the past week. Now iv noticed that one female is VERY pregnant and I'm having a hard time telling the male from the female. I think I separated him from them as the genitals are lower then the others and there was something sticking out i thought it could possibly be his penis? I'm all new to breeding mice.

as well I had him with the 4 for little over a week will all 4 be pregnant?

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    Odds are you will have at least 2 pregnant. But the female mice need to be there gestation period. Putting a male mouse with a female mouse that is not on there gestation period is pointless. Make sure you have separated the already female mouse from the others. because the other mice will eat the babies. Here is a link to telling the gender apart:



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