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My favorite movie of all TIME. An FBI agent from Washington, was sent to a N.D. reservation, a 3-legged dog b?

The dog adopts him, and together, they solve the killings--all about illegal uranium mining contaminating the reservations' water supply! What was the name of that show??? It was the best EVER! THANKS!

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    "Thunderheart". It is S.D. not N.D.

    During the 1970s, FBI agent Ray Levoi (Val Kilmer) is assigned to aid in the investigation of a political murder; that of Leo Fast Elk (Allan R.J. Joseph), on a Native American reservation in South Dakota. Agent William Dawes (Fred Dalton Thompson), Levoi's superior, has chosen him for the task due to his mixed Sioux heritage which might assist in the inquiry as they interview local townspeople. Levoi's new partner, agent Frank Coutelle (Sam Shepard), has diligently worked on the probe looking to apprehend a prime suspect; Aboriginal Rights Movement radical Jimmy Looks Twice (John Trudell). While helping Coutelle track down the suspect, Levoi gradually becomes sensitized to Indian issues, partially from his attraction to Maggie Eagle Bear (Sheila Tousey), a political Native American activist and schoolteacher.[3]

    Mocked and ridiculed by the locals, including officer Walter Crow Horse (Graham Greene), Levoi finds that he has an unaccountable standing with some of the tribal elders such as Grandpa Sam Reaches (Ted Thin Elk). The natives recognize Levoi as "Thunderheart", a Native American hero slain at the Wounded Knee massacre in the past, and now reincarnated to deliver them from their current troubles.[3]

    Levoi comes to suspect there is a conspiracy and cover-up involving the small town much to Coutelle's anger. Levoi and Crow Horse later discover that a local government sponsored plan to strip mine uranium on the reservation is at the root of the killings. The mining is polluting the water supply and fueling a bloody conflict between the reservation's anti-government ruling council and the pro-government natives who, led by Jack Milton (Fred Ward), are not above using violence to further their aims. Milton does not own the land where the mining occurs, but gets kickbacks from the leases. Coutelle, is later revealed to be part of the scandal to silence the opposition and help broker the land-deal. Soon after finding Maggie Eagle Bear and former convict Richard Yellow Hawk (Julius Drum) murdered, a showdown ensues between Coutelle and pro-government collaborators against Levoi, Crow Horse and the anti-government activists. Coutelle becomes outnumbered by the armed resistance and is later investigated on charges of corruption.

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    Tin Can Sailor got it nicely theres nothing more i can say about it

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