Knee pain. knee pain Help?

I'm 14 and I play a lot of basketball. Lately my knee has been hurting me and I don't know if I directly injured it but lately I feel like its been getting clogged. Whenever I play I feel pain and initially I thought I strained a muscle but now I'm pretty sure the blood isn't circulating correctly. Today I've been walking a lot and I feel when I stop walking the blood just like stops at my knee and it hurts. Now I'm home and I'm keeping it elevated but when I let it go I feel like the Blood again gets clogged. By clogged I mean that it flows very slowly. I'm pretty sure that it's swollen. Should I see a doctor or is there a remedy to cure it? I want to stop it before it gets serious

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  • 9 years ago
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    Try home remedy and see how it goes, and if its bad in about couple of days go doctors :D


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  • 9 years ago

    Go see a physiotherapy, You could have whats called, Osgoodshetler Disease, I had it in my knee, whenever you jump, run or put impact or pressure on it, It feels like it's disconnected and has lots of pain, It sometimes feels like how you described yours, If it's that, you should grow out of it, but for now or until you can see a doctor, go ice it and put a tensor bandage around it, try not to walk a lot or play any basketball. Take it easy and rest lots, I'm sure it's nothing to worry about or it wont get to serious, Ask your parents on what they think or try looking at a medical site. No worries. Be Happy.

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