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Do we live in a society that prized intellect & beauty or despise it and how does that shape political culture?

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    There is a great anti intellectual streak in society, stupidity is seen as a badge of honour and clever people are marginalised as dweebs, swots and nerds. Society is sick.

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    I can't speak for other countries, but Australia has become the world headquarters of anti-intellectualism. They even have common pejorative terms for those who like to talk about issues that policy, religious oppression, political freedom...ets....

    they are referred to as "The chattering classes" or "The Latte sipping crowd".."Chardonnay swilling lefties".....derided by shock jocks, lampooned in popular culture...and utterly ignored by those in power.

    Source(s): Depressing. EDIT: Oh and on the "beauty" seems to me that in Aus whether you mean women, furniture or tourist has come to be misrepresented as anything tacky, showy and loud that costs a lot.and looks just like every other one of its type
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    Its a bit of both. Beauty and intelligence only gets you so far. Often I find that people are incline to be intimidated or scared of both. Especially, if you happen to be both smart and beautiful a most rare combination.

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    we love beauty but hate intellect if isnt full of drama or sex we aint interested u know who symeon freemanstein is?? he is worlds riches man see what i am saying but i say snoooki and everybody knows who it is and they neva accomplished anything.

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