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Shelly asked in PetsBirds · 10 years ago

how to make a nest divot? Indian ringneck breeding?

I am attempting to breed indian ringnecks (attempt as they are not proven). I have a box sized for them they are in a large flight cage now i know ringnecks tend to sit hard on eggs when frighten and i was wondering how to make a nest divot in the bottom of the nest for the eggs to remain. i have pine shavings as well handy as well as carefresh ( used for lovebirds) what would be better for the ringnecks? any other tips would be wonderful as well.

birds are over 3 years old.

good health vet checked Yesterday. and plenty of fresh foods and calcium.

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    When I bred Ringnecks I used pine shavings. I did not have a divet in the nestbox and everything was fine. Sounds as though you have covered the bases by giving them a large flight, calcium and the proper diet.

    Source(s): BIrd bree.der for 10 years. Worked at bird store for 5
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    I've spent more years "fixing" breeder's mistakes than any breeder would like to admit they've made. Are you planning on checking up on those birds 20 years from now?

    You're going to hold classes, of course, to educate your future customers as to what the exotic bird trade does to the indigenous avian populations in their native countries, right? You're going to show them pictures of the corpses lining the smuggler's crates when they get confiscated by Customs Agents? You're going to tell people that, yes, this bird along with any one you meet has the very real potential of leaving a scar? And I'm sure you're also going to tell your potential customers that the wild animals you breed are still "wild" with their natural instincts intact and therefore, will always desire what life in captivity can never provide.

    I'm also sure you'll tell them about the very real possibility of that bird going to a shelter or being given up once they can no longer care for them - that the average parrot goes through over 5 homes in their lifetimes. You're also going to be up-front and honest about the fact that more than 15 million birds already exist as pets in the United States and most of them will outlive their owners.

    As a responsible breeder, I'm absolutely sure these are all things you'll be 100% direct about, right?

    Source(s): "Fixing" and caring for breeder's mistakes for several years
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  • Goldy
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    10 years ago

    As an ex breeder of these and many other Parrot Like species I always used Peat 3 inches in the bottom of the nest box, this holds the eggs in one place and is much better than wood shavings as the eggs can get lost in the shavings and then they do not get turned by the hen when she is sitting.

    Soil and sand mix at the depth can also be used.

    If you do not already feed your birds on Broccoli.try it . mine used to love it, more so when feeding young.

    Source(s): Ex breeder over 40 years experience
  • 4 years ago

    there's no longer something to be demanding approximately via fact the eggs will no longer be able to be fertilized so this could be impossible for them to offer offspring as they are 2 thoroughly distinctive breeds (its in comparison to canines combination breeding). each and every of the main suitable :) x

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