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How do you write an essay about the corruption of the American Dream for great gatsby?

I am writing an essay for the great gatsby. I want to make my thesis the corruption if the American Dream in the novel but I dont know how to go about writing the rest of the essay with that. Help me!!!

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    Introduction- Introduce the Great Gatsby plot. Explain what the American Dream meant to Fitzgerald and that he shows its decline in his novel by certain traits, such as greed and partying. State your thesis: "The Great Gatsby is a story about the corruption of the American dream."

    Body paragraphs- Each paragraph's topics will be one of the examples you have from the book about why the American dream is corrupted. Just describe the example from the book, give reasons to why it represents corruption of the American dream. Use lots of cause and effect to back yourself up.

    Conclusion- Sum it all up. Restate your thesis: "Therefore, (idea 1), (idea 2), (idea 3 and etc.) are the examples from The Great Gatsby that shows the theme of the corruption of the American Dream."

    Another way you can get yourself started is to create an outline of how you want your essay to look. I do this all the time.

    Introduction- Sentence 1: Definition of American dream. Sentence 2: Fitzgerald's idea of corruption and decline of American dream. Sentence 3: State thesis.

    Body paragraph 1- Topic sentence: One example Fitzgerald uses is (idea 1). Sentence 2: Describe idea 1. Sentence 3: More description of idea 1. Sentence 4: Parallels to something else. Concluding sentence: Conclude idea 1.

    Etc. etc.

    You can do this, you just need a good structure to work with. Good luck.

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    You talk about the Jazz age and the obvious corruption of the mob and prohibition.

    You talk about Gatsby's devotion for Daisy, a symbol of the American dream, and how that devotion was unworthy.

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