How did Marilyn Monroe die?

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BQ: what year did she die?

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    Marilyn Monroe did not commit suicide and there is loads of proof of it. The person who 'found' her changed her story several times, each more implausible than the last. She said that MMs bedroom door was locked, yet there were no functioning locks in the house (there is documentation of this). She said she saw a light under MMs door, yet MM had just had thick carpeting installed. She said she found her at midnight, then she said she found her at 3. Regardless, the police were not called until 4 in the morning. She said that she looked through the windows and saw MM lying facedown on the bed yet MM had blackout curtains stapled to the wall, and crime scene photos prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that MM died on her back and that the body was moved. The housekeeper was doing laundry at 4 in the morning- washing sheets. Crime scene photos also prove conclusively that she died between 9-11 pm the night before, which the first undertaker on scene noted due to the rigor mortis but was then told to change his report. The first officer on scene, Sgt. Jack Clemmons, noted that the crime scene looked badly staged and later noted that photos released had been altered. She ''officially'' died on August 5th, but in actuality died on August 4th based on forensic evidence.

    Not only did the results of MMs autopsy and toxicology report prove beyond any shadow of a doubt that it could not have been suicide, vital organs that needed to be tested mysteriously disappeared. The concentrations of Nembutal and chloral hydrate in her body proved that there is no way she could have taken enough pills to create such concentrated levels, she would have been unconscious before she could have swallowed them all. Also, there was no drinking glass in her room and the water to her bathroom was shut off for repairs- one can not swallow that amount of pills dry. There was no pill residue in her stomach, at all, and none in her upper intestine, again proving that she did not take the pills.This link describes in extremely good and medically accurate detail the exact cause of death:

    Most telling, the Homicide division of the LAPD last year released a crime scene photo clearly showing a bloody handprint on the wall of MMs bedroom. Suicides, accidental or otherwise, do not leave bloody handprints nor are photos of such retained by the homicide division.

    I have absolute proof and documentation of everything I've stated her and anyone is free to contact me for it.

    Marilyn Monroe DID NOT commit suicide and there is plenty of forensic evidence to prove it.

    Source(s): Marilyn Monroe Historian. Have studied her for 18 years, own 90 books about her, and have proof of what I say.
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    How Did Marilyn Monroe Die

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    Marilyn Monroe Cause Of Death

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    I love her!

    She was poisoned, some say she commited suicide. But she didnt seem like that type of person to me, even if she had mental issues.

    My mothers theory is that she slept with President Kennedy and he had or someone had her killed because apparently she knew something he may have told her, or they didnt want his reputation and marriage ruined. They said there where some unknown black cars and men around her apartment the night before she was discovered dead. How Awful! But its just a theory nobody really knows for sure.

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    On August 5, 1962, she was found dead in her home. At theautopsy, Chloral hydrate and Nembutal were found in her system. The cause of death was recorded as "acute barbiturate poisoning", resulting from a "probable suicide".Many theories, including murder, circulated about the circumstances of her death and the timeline after the body was found.

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    August 5, 1962

    I think she overdosed on drugs, I THINK.

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    she's so dang beautiful!!! ****,and i absolutely LOVE her little quotes! ^_^ um, back to the point,lol. um,she she died on august 5th,1962.she was 36 , she apparently committed suicide :^( , drank poison. TONS of people suspects a conspirarcy going on here..including myself.

    more info here :

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    I think JFK,RFK & J. Edgard Hoover killed her & made it seem like an accident so that she wouldn't say anything that she knew about them & the Mafia.

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