How to make facebook profile pictures unclickable?

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so, for my privacy settings.. they're set to everything friends only, except things i share, photos i'm tagged in, is set to ONLY ME. i checked on my friends profile.. more
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go on privacy... then somewhere is a button saying "edit photo albums" you then need to click on profile picture album, and set that one to ONLY ME, then it will not be clickable

(its odd, and a hidden option which is separate from the main privacy options.. photos are complete separate except tagged ones)


My profile pics are set as this.. took me a while to find, so thought i'd share my findings with someone
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  • Death Row answered 3 years ago
    click on account and then privacy settings.

    next click on customize settings which is above block list.

    once the new page open go down a little till you see " Edit privacy settings for existing photo albums and videos."

    click on it and it will take you to your photos privacy settings.

    now below the album change the option from Everyone to Friends only.



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