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what are some recent breakthrough treatments with cancer?

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    Just within the last week, a new drug has been approved for treatment of advanced melanoma. It looks like it helps people with a specific genetic mutation, and this is huge news in the oncology field, as melanoma tends to lag in new developments. You can read more about it here:

    Within the last few months, a study has wrapped up in pediatric leukemia (acute lymphoblastic leukemia, pre-B, high risk.) The protocol study closed because they were getting far superior results with one arm, and the new standard is to now use high dose methotrexate instead of escalating dose methotrexate during interim maintenance (one phase of treatment.) It sounds like a small change, but in the study, it showed a difference in the event free survival rate.

    Neuroblastoma treatment is constantly changing right in front of our eyes. Last year, 3F8 was a fairly new antibody treatment for neuroblastoma. In the last couple of months, they've changed even that and are now using an intensive higher dose of 3F8. It's an absolutely miserable treatment, but they are seeing positive results.

    The world's leading childhood cancer research group (Children's Oncology Group/CureSearch) is now tracking quality of life measures as well as treatment/diagnosis/etc. studies. Again, sounds like a small thing, but it's pretty big, and the focus on quality of life is getting bigger.

    There are things happening every day in cancer research, on the prevention end and on the treatment end. Most of it people never even hear about unless they are in the situation where it's necessary information.

    Source(s): Work in pediatric oncology.
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    The China Study, the largest study ever done on nutrition, discovered a direct correlation between the development of various cancers and high protein intake (from animal products: meat, dairy, eggs).

    It is possible to halt or reverse the development of cancer (in some cases) with a low fat, plant based diet. Ruth Heidrich PhD, about 70 years old and a competing Triathlete, cured her breast cancer at 47 by working with Dr. John McDougall and switching to a low fat vegan diet.

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    too many to list here...

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