My computer won't load past the first loading screen?

I'm running windows 7 and I have the install cd but here's the thing if I try to boot it regularly it goes passed the first Dell loading screen then flashes the little white bar in the top left a few times and then nothing. It ran with a blank black screen for 30 minutes. No sounds nothing. Now when I try to boot from the cd it runs through everything like the loading files the Dell loading screen and then comes to the starting windows screen with the flag and just sits there the flag glowing and computer not seeming to make an effort to go past that screen. This ran for an hour. I know I have a virus on my computer so I'm trying to get to a place to use command line. I can format it from there. But I can figure out how to get to a place to pull it up. F8 doesn't work it just beeps after the screen goes black and f10 and shift don't work. Same result. Any techs out there that can help? I need my laptop. I do a lot of designing and I was working on an engine and need to get back to work on it.

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  • 10 years ago
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    It sounds like its hardware not software if the windows 7 disc is not working then its not your hard drive i would check your ram and motherboard

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    You will need to boot from your installation disc. Insert disc and start computer.Change BIOS settings so that the computer boots from CD. Choose "R" for repair. You may have to insert your installation disc code. Run Checkdisc. This process will try to repair your hard drive.

    If this works readjust BIOS to start form hard drive. Start in safe mode then shut down. Defragment your drive when restarting again. Run anti virus, anti Malware. Update your drivers if not current.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I think if you restart it and keep the left ctrl held in all through pressing restart it brings safe mode up if you can get on it there do a full virus scan.

    also can you tell me if you hear a clicking sound when it doesnt load? or stops loading

  • jerry
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    10 years ago

    how about Dell computer's are crap. I have 2 computer's that are HP, a laptop & a desktop and I have no problems at all; I've had them for years. I wouldn't own a Dell computer. even if I got it for free. and their tech support is useless.

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