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A crazy new invention?

I go to this Prep School, that has an awesome English Teacher teaching there. She very rarely tells a student that they did good, because she has very high standards of marking. I'm in grade 11 by the way.

I really wanted to impress my teacher and write something that is different from others.

Here's the question she gave us:

"Write an interesting announcement to introduce a new product in the market. Keep the announcement in about 300 words. Include the following in your write-up:

- A clever headline

- Description of the product

- Technical language that is convincing

- Quotations from the inventor/manufacturer (me)

- a final, witty comment or joke"

She also said that announcement has to be informative and amusing. It has to be creative and more on the amusing side, to make the other person laugh a little. We have to used metaphors and literal language too. PLEASE HELP!

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    Are you worried about the effects of electrosmog on your children?

    We at Faradaycare offer the best daycare for your preschool children and do more to protect them from the harmfull effects of electrosmog than anyone else.

    (go ahead and Google Faraday cages and electrosmog ..... then have fun writing! Might I point out that things electric lighting cause electrosmog too? And that SCARING people is a pretty effective form of advertising? And that the very 'product name' is a slightly amusing contraction that sounds a lot like FOR A DAY CARE so that you have loads of slogan possibilities?)

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