A crazy new invention?

I go to this Prep School, that has an awesome English Teacher teaching there. She very rarely tells a student that they did good, because she has very high standards of marking. I'm in grade 11 by the way.

I really wanted to impress my teacher and write something that is different from others.

Here's the question she gave us:

"Write an interesting announcement to introduce a new product in the market. Keep the announcement in about 300 words. Include the following in your write-up:

- A clever headline

- Description of the product

- Technical language that is convincing

- Quotations from the inventor/manufacturer (me)

- a final, witty comment or joke"

She also said that announcement has to be informative and amusing. It has to be creative and more on the amusing side, to make the other person laugh a little. We have to used metaphors and literal language too. PLEASE HELP!

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    9 years ago
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    Cellphone Detector Plus™ mobile phone detector.

    It can be used to control or restrict the usage of cell phones in a given area. In this role, Cellphone Detector Plus™ is an economical and legal alternative to the cell phone jammer. Important users include prisons, hospitals and schools. The latter use it to combat examination fraud by students using phones for texting.

    In addition, it can function as a covert surveillance device, silently looking for and logging certain types of RF activity for security or research purposes.

    Signal channels such as GSM may be activated or deactivated and may be individually adjusted for detection sensitivity. On detecting a targeted signal the device can trigger various combinations of audiovisual alerts which may include a loud or quiet voice message which you yourself can record, beeps, bright flashing LED or be silent and completely inconspicuous.

    Cellphone Detector Plus™ is optimised for use within Europe but it may be used anywhere in the world where GSM is a popular standard for mobile phone systems.

    Specifications: dims: 200 x 112 x 50mm; weight: 0.5kg; very accurate detection capability includes all known GSM wavebands between 400 - 2400 MHz, European 3G, DECT, TDMA and PMR; range: adjustable up to 40m; 9 second user recordable alert message; speaker volume 0-82dB; data logging capability. optional 6v PSU or battery power; software and USB cable included. Quality Assurance: documented ISO9000 system which is both internally and externally audited.

    Finally, don't forget the funny option: we mentioned above about the fact that you can record your own voice alert message. You can make it as rude, offensive, sexist or racist as you like!!


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  • gauvin
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    3 years ago

    (i for my section observed one as quickly as) an indication analyzing "don't comprehend any English? English training right here on the St. Joseph Church. quickly you would be talking like a professional!" (observed this one too) a working laptop or laptop application coaching you the thank you to apply a working laptop or laptop (My mom have been given one in a library as quickly as) A cd Arabic gaining know-how of direction for human beings spoken in Arabic a million-2-3 assembly cardboard ski carry (Operational!) Paper brochure approximately saving our surroundings baby secure, explosive unfastened bomb (observed one) Smokestack with "shop our surroundings" revealed on it raise or (basically Up!) Lockable submitting cabinet without keys (in no way lose your papers lower back!) Race motor vehicle without brakes (in no way hit the incorrect pedal lower back!) Scuba mask with air holes

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Transforming nipple headphones.

    you can get them implated and when you say transform the slide out and magnatize into your ears.

    imagine it no tangles and instant in and out of your nipples.

    Source(s): my mind. i may want some credit when it goes BIG.
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